Want to Get More Viewers On Your Blog?

I have had a blog for around a year now and I have been pretty disappointed at the amount of viewers which I receive regularly to the page. In order to help me to boost this I spoke with fellow blogger Ines Cano Uribe to discover ways in which I could boost the amount of traffic which I get on my website.

The plan has worked so far and because of this I thought that I would share with you all, how you too can help to drive traffic to your blog.

Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in bringing people to your website and you should make sure that you are active across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram especially. Social media means access to millions of pairs of eyes in the click of a button and it gives you the perfect platform to sell yourself, engage with people within your community and ultimately, share the content that you are placing on your blog. In order rot be attractive on social media you will need to get creative and try to add value to people’s lives and give them something to talk about.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you don’t already know what SEO is then I would absolutely recommend that you learn quickly and start to implement it on your website. SEO is a way in which you can manipulate the search engines so that you appear highest when it someone places a certain phrase or series of keywords in their search box. For example if you have a blog about playing chess, you can write your articles and manage your website in a certain way so that when someone looks for ‘how to play chess’ on Google perhaps, your website will arrive on the first pages of the search results. People very rarely look past page 2 of a search engine’s results and so you must try your best to get on those top 2 pages so that you can attract more of a following on your blog.


One mention of your blog from another blog within your niche that attracts many followers, can significantly improve the traffic which you receive. For this reason, you should be actively seeking to contact fellow bloggers and working with them to create a wider community. Naturally you will have to support them as they support you and the results will be improved awareness and traffic for both websites. Many people may say no to such a proposal but if you don’t try then you cannot succeed. Spend a day reaching out to others within your field and try to strike up a mutually beneficial partnership across the web.

Remember that the idea of the internet is to create communities so you should be actively engaging and sharing content which can actually give people value. If you can do this then before you know it you will have far more viewers on your site.