Did you know that WiFi has become the medium of choice as 2/3 of US consumers prefer it over cellular? Because of this, businesses are also expected to have WiFi and need it for day to day activities. It’s one thing to need WiFi, but it’s another to actually have the proper service for your company.

You can get this with wireless site surveys and network assessments, but what are a network assessment? Read on to find out what it is and the benefits of it.

WiFi Coverage

With wireless site surveys and network assessments, a business can get good WiFi coverage. The proper WiFi coverage means having WiFi where it is needed and not having it anywhere else. This means your coverage won’t extend further than your own business.

When you use a wireless site survey, it is essential to only have WiFi where you need it so an outsider does not use it for malicious purposes. The worst-case scenario is that your business could take the blame for the abuse.

Less Downtime

With the right network assessment tool, you won’t have to experience extra downtime. For example, if your network often goes down, WiFi access points can fix that. A network security assessment can allow a business to operate for longer periods of time without an interruption in service.

The only way this is possible is by ensuring the system is configured the right way. Older access point models are harder to configure the right way.

Better Security

All businesses are at risk of cyber-crime. Wireless site surveys and network assessments allow for better security.

With network threat assessments, a company can watch out for common malware. Security consultants can check your network reliability at any time. The only way to protect your business against cyber-crime is by protecting your network.

Better Customer Service

Visitors often expect free WiFi when they frequent businesses. When customers can connect to the WiFi, they have a better experience overall. Networks assessments can ensure your WiFi service is strong and fast.

Future Plans

Networking is always moving forward because of the technological advancements we have these days. You will inevitably have to upgrade your network one day which could mean replacing it altogether. However, when your network is scalable, you don’t have to replace everything.

The goal of any network should be scalability and network assessments can do just that. Those ready to assess you can decide on long-term plans that with making great network decisions for the future. Just the advice alone can save you money and time.

You Need Wireless Site Surveys and Network Assessments Now

So, what is involved in a network assessment? All of these benefits and more.

Every business needs a WiFi network to be successful. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the right network is easily attainable. Give your business the coverage it needs by implementing wireless site surveys and network assessments now.

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