Technology’s role in society has never been as important as it is today. We use it in practically every area of our lives. The day starts by turning off an alarm on a smartphone or being greeted by a wake up light. Then, heading to the kitchen, we turn on the coffee machine or kettle. Next, we head to the bathroom to brush our teeth with an electric toothbrush. We buy public transport tickets or pay for parking through an app and work in offices filled with the latest computers, laptops and smartphones, all tools that move the day and work forward. Entertainment means playing games online or using a stationary gaming console which connects to the WiFi network, or relaxing to our favourite series on our HDR technology TV.

We’re rarely technology-free so, naturally, we are curious about tech trends. Do you know what they are? Let us bring you up to speed.

  1. Smart Assistants

You’re probably already familiar with Alexa and Google Home. These two ladies moved into a lot of people’s homes this year and, if the experts are right, they won’t be moving out anytime soon. They are smart assistants that connect to your WiFi network. You can ask them to play your favourite music, answer questions or dim the lights. The experts also think we’ll see more artificial intelligence (AI) in electronics products in the future.

  1. 3D Printing

3D printing isn’t exactly news, but according to experts, 3D printing will be found in homes in the next few years.

  1. Wireless Changing

Smarter, faster technology increases the need and frequency of charging, preferably without having to plug in behind the sofa. Wireless charging is on the rise as seen in IKEA’s designs. The furniture giant now sells lamps and tables on which you simply place your phone to charge it. Car manufacturers have also caught onto this trend and are including the technology in their designs.

  1. VR Headsets and AR

We’ve heard this before, but this time VR headsets are here to stay. Experts also think we’ll start seeing more Pokemon Go style games which are based on augmented reality.

  1. Podcasts and Audiobooks

Once upon a time, people thought audio books would disappear along with the cassette player but this has proven to be wrong. Increasingly, radio and TV programmes are producing podcasts and audiobooks which are downloadable through apps.

  1. Live Gaming

Imaging being able to do everything from your living room. Live casino and live gaming have been around for a few years and continuously growing in popularity. Online casino gaming enables a more realistic experience where players meet a live dealer and in the future, this will likely be extended to a VR experience as well.

  1. While We’re on the Subject of Casinos

Online betting has never been more popular. In the UK, the number of players has doubled in two years, pushing the game producers to continuously innovate.

What trends will you embrace in 2018?