The first earbuds in the world to care for your mental healthHealingfit.

Nowadays, people work too much and use electronics like smartphones too much, which quickly makes brain tired and stresses their brains.

If the stress on the brain is not properly managed, the quality of sleep, which has a big impact on daily activities, will decrease. Memory and concentration issues, as well as anxiety and depression, could also be involved. In the modern world, maintaining a high standard of living depends on being able to manage mental stress.

Do you ever feel stressed out? Not getting enough sleep, feeling worried, or having trouble focusing? Here is the ideal solution for you. Healingfit is the first bone conduction earphones in the world that cares your mental wellness.

Endorphin, a key to your mentally/physically healthy life

Did you know that low levels of the hormone known as endorphins are linked to the majority of physical and mental illnesses? Endorphins are chemicals that reduce the sense of pain and increase feeling of wellness. Transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) and therapy music are two methods used by Healingfit to activate endorphins. In order to activate endorphins, Healingfit stimulates the surface of the brain using acoustic wave and micro electric stimulation. Endorphin activation has positive impacts on the brain. A few examples include antidepressant effects, stress-relieving effects, better sleep quality, mood recovery, and greater user productivity at work/study. Use Healingfit when you struggle to fall asleep, want to improve the quality of your sleep, need to unwind from stress, want to improve your focus and memory, or just want to feel less worried. Given that Healingfit is a brain-stimulating device, it can sound risky. Healingfit is registered on FDA. Its dependability and safety have been certified by the FDA.

Choose one of the three options that best suits your needs

Sleep, healing, and study are the three modes that Healingfit can operate in. According to each mode, brain waves are activated by acoustic wave energy and TES brain stimulation. The healing mode balances your mind and body and encourages relaxation, whereas the sleep mode helps you get a good night’s sleep. Selecting study mode may help you learn and work more quickly by improving your concentration.

The safe, comfortable, and water-resistant earphones

Since Healing Fit is a bone conduction earphone and does not damage the ear or eardrum, hearing aid users can use it without fear of damaging their hearing. It also complies with Bluetooth 5.0’s most recent specs, making it simple to connect to and play music from electronic devices like tablets, laptops, and cell phones. Because of its water-resistance feature, it is useful even when exercising since your sweat won’t soak into the item. Furthermore, it provides the ideal fit for the human body, making it possible for anyone to wear it comfortably, regardless of age or gender.

Healingfit is now ready to launch on Kickstarter

To see a psychiatrist for attention deficit disorder, stress management, or sleep issues will cost a fortune. Given how easily accessible it is and how it can be used at anytime, anywhere, Healingfit’s price is remarkably reasonable. Additionally, a special price is now being offered and it is only available via Kickstarter. To find out more about Healingfit, go to Kickstarter right now.