Technology plays a huge role in our lives, from running our business to connecting with the outside world. Therefore in today’s world without technology, life can be termed boring and meaningless as well. Technology brings together the essential tools that ease creation, usage and the exchange of information among people and therefore results in making our work easier. Therefore, the more technology is advancing, the more our business is turning out to be easier.


What are the five technologies that will make life easier?

  1. E-learning.

This is a useful technology, especially for the students who don’t have enough time to attend classes. All that you need is a computer or similar device which you can use to search for a given topic. There are so many different subjects that you can learn about online, from accounting and marketing to finances and business. Often, these courses are provided on an LXP (learning experience platform) where users have access to a wide range of content options. Businesses often use an LMP (learning management system), meanwhile, to help administrate, track, deliver and report on formal employee training programs. This LXP vs LMS comparison can give you more details on each, which should help you to see the value that e-learning has in the modern world.

  1. Collaboration software.

Collaboration software plays a significant role in making work easier especially for those working in an executive company. It acts as a tool where you get to store all the information that requires being shared within the organization such as the calendars, dates time for meeting and sending emails as well. Therefore you do not need to go to each employee to relay the information as you can always share it where everyone can be able to view the information on the software.

  1. Video conferencing.

This is a great technology that you can use in your business. You do not require calling for a meeting as you can just hold it via video conferencing. How? It involves a telephone call and a video that is captured on camera in the area where the caller is located. When a caller dials to the conference room, the video and the video are displayed on a TV screen whereby different people can be able to view and listen to the message as well. Therefore the participants get to watch, listen and talk back to the other person via a computer. Video conferencing saves a lot of time as you don’t have to travel miles to attend a conference meeting. Some brands such as and TigerDirect, offer promo codes with great discounts on electronics where you are able to buy a conferencing TV screen on discounts.

  1. Smartphones.

You can never go wrong with a smartphone. It has contributed significantly to making our lives comfortable whereby it has made it easy for us to connect with others and be able to access

information as well. You do not have to carry your computer all over as you can always use your smartphone to Google something. A smart phone can also help you determine the place you are at via GPS. You can also download a lot of applications on your Smartphone hence making it our number four technology that makes our life easier.

  1. Automobiles.

This is another technology that makes our life easier. Although walking serves as a great exercise, we cannot deny the benefits that automobiles have given us. They take us from point A to point B easily and not only that, over the years, automobiles have also evolved according to our needs and wants. We now have cars that have air conditioning and heaters. We also need these cars to be safe and so there are airbags and such. Not only that, we also have cars that are good for the environment.