How can you create great content consistently?

Blogging is an absolute brilliant way of expressing yourself online and it is a popular medium by which hundreds of thousands of people are forging a living and creating communities throughout the web. I was chatting to industry expert Ram Chary Everi last week about the reasons behind many bloggers not being able to create a highly successful blog and the biggest problem which he said existed, was the level of poor quality content which exists.

Content is not always something that is easy to produce but the importance of it can not be overstated, blogs will live and die based on the quality of its content. If you want to create great content for your blog, here are the areas that you need to be focussing on.

Adding Value

Unless you are solely writing for your family, not everyone in the world really cares what you have been up to in the last week or how happy you are with your new partner. What viewers are looking for when they read content is value and they are looking to you to provide it. When you are writing a piece, or deciding on an idea for a piece, make sure you always bring the discussion back to how you are adding value for your viewers. You can by all means write about yourself and your musings but don’t ever forget to spin it in such a way that a reader will take great value from it.

Trending Topics

You should always try to stay on top of what is trending in the world and make sure that you are delivering great content that uses this as its theme. The reason for this is that firstly you will receive much more traffic if you stay with what is trending and secondly because you will be writing about something that many people clearly care about. Whilst a lot of these articles will only have a short shelf life, they will create waves when you first write them and ensure that many people are checkin them out.

Write Generic

At least once per week you should be writing something that can live for the ages, something which will pick up views each and every week and some that can remain relevant for a long time to come. If you do this then you will find that many of your page views each day will come from these articles.

Use Media

In the world in which we live, people do not have patience to read through a 500 word article so you need to ensure that you break it up with media in between paragraphs. This will make sure that the viewer stays focussed on what they are reading and it will improve your ‘time on page’. Equally you should make sure that you are using a font which looks good and a text size which can be easily seen.

Content is the most important thing about your blog’s success so make sure that you give it the time that it deserves.