There is a generation that has grown up on all types of video games from MMORPGs to sports. A negative connotation has always been attached to video games with some people blaming them for the high rates of obesity. However, what may escape critics is that games have a way of teaching players specific skills that become very useful in everyday life.


Games that require a player to get through obstacles for a price or to proceed to the next level such as Legend of Zelda enhance strategic thinking. These video games teach players how to come up with viable plans to attain the desired results. When your mind is wired to think two or three moves ahead, that is a trait that is helpful in the outside world. It is not just about discovering a solution but recognising the best one. When it comes to online trading, for instance, you can learn how to anticipate markets and make solid decisions. Strategic thinking allows you to look at market trends and extrapolate data that you can use for your trading.

Critical Thinking

A majority of video games are about problem-solving where a player is presented with a challenge that he or she must get over using the resources available. A game such as Portal 2 takes the player to task and demands the sharpest wits. You have to go through tough puzzles, and that is only possible if you can take the time to analyse the problem carefully. Games like Sudoku and Angry Birds require a clear mind that can devise solutions. Life presents difficulties on a daily basis, and a person who is accustomed to problem-solving has a better chance of getting through them. A video game player is used to pushing his/her mind to the limit, and that can help a great deal in the workplace. For a student, subjects such as math won’t seem tough because you have trained your brain to deal with challenging scenarios.

Fast Responses

Speed is the ultimate weapon in most video games. Whether you are playing Temple Run, Need for Speed, GTA or sports games, it’s all about how fast you can move. Slow response means death or some other forms of punishment, and you can’t have that. Players get used to making decisions within seconds, and that comes in handy in many life situations. When working on a big project and something goes wrong, your ability to find solutions in the shortest time possible can make all the difference in your career. You won’t have a problem meeting deadlines when your mind is used to fast paced action.You also need to make sure your internet speed is up to scratch to make sure you have no lag which could affect your responses.


In some of these games, it may take forever to advance from one level to the next. You may hear a player who has been stuck for months in the same level of Candy Crush and wonder where such a person gets the zeal to keep at it. Video games mould players to be patient because the slightest miscalculation can mean the end. Perseverance is a trait that everyone needs in their lives. Difficult situations come up at some point whether it’s at school, home or work and the patience to deal with them is essential because it can help you avoid stress. You learn to accept disappointments without letting them get the best of you.


Games such as War of Warcraft are about different players joining forces to achieve an objective. Video games that require teaming teach individuals the value of other people and how to work as one organism. Learning how to accommodate other people and take their opinions into account is a trait that will benefit you greatly at work or school. Such games allow you to develop trust in other individuals and make the most of their skills. Video games that are based on team models are also excellent in developing social skills. Shy people can find ways to get out of their comfort zones and interact with like-minded individuals.