The internet and the modern technology which we have at our fingertips these days has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Throughout this change, some industries have benefitted from this modernization, at least those who learned to adapt, and others have unfortunately fallen by the wayside. One industry which has absolutely boomed thanks to the internet is the world of online gambling, an industry which has seen some of its biggest growth in decades, and one which is still growing at lightning speed. There are many ways in which the internet has flipped the gambling world on its head, let’s take a look.


The first step for the entire process of online gambling was for it to become legalized, something which for some years was actually illegal. Here in Ireland online gambling was only made legal in 2015, far later than many other countries. Once the legalization went through however, we saw a multitude of companies like popping up and offering customers their chance to gamble online.

Mobile Applications

When the gambling world went online, it was inevitable that sooner or later it would intertwine with the advancements that were being made with smartphones, and sure enough the apps eventually went live. These days you can bet and gamble straight from your smartphone through the use of the apps which the betting companies offer. This naturally has an appeal to those looking to gamble on the go.

Better Markets

From both a sports betting and gambling perspective, online gambling offers a far wider range of markets and ways to win. The reason behind this is the fact that these companies now operate globally rather than locally, meaning that there is much more demand for markets and ways in which people can win. Furthermore there is also a lot more money being placed on bets, meaning that the online casino or sports betting site can offer larger incentives.

Welcome Bonuses

Thanks to the huge amount of online casinos and sports betting sites, there is fierce competition for every new customer that emerges. As a direct result of this, these businesses will look to offer all that they can to new customers in order to get their business and prise their custom away from a competitor. What this means for punters is that there are loads of sign up bonuses, welcome offers and free cash incentives just waiting for them, giving them more and more chances to win big.


At the heart of all of the benefits which online gambling has brought, it is the speed of the process which is its largest. The speed with which you can take money from your bank account to your casino wallet, place bets, win money and withdraw back to your bank account is incredible, and this is why it has become such a success. You could certainly argue that it is the speed of the internet is what has made it so world-changing, and this is most certainly the case in the world of online gambling.