If there is one obvious downside to inviting all this connected technology into our homes it is the fact that the Internet of Things and just being connected to the world via Wi-Fi in general, does leave you vulnerable to hackers.

There is a growing awareness of the problem with recent media reports about how Smart TV’s could be spying on us in our living room highlighting the threat and illustrating the issue that people face with keeping their homes and themselves safe from hackers.

This resource looks at how hackers seem to be able to stay ahead of the curve and are finding ways to access your devices and personal data, but it also offers ways to fight back and protect your privacy from this unwelcome intrusion.

Some simple security measures can really make a difference such as choosing a strong and difficult to decipher password or using great anti-virus software, but the problem right now is that it is not just your computer or your smartphone that is under attack, it is all those hi-tech gadgets that could be compromised and right underneath your nose, your webcam, for example, could be hacked and offer hackers a perfect window into your private world.

It seems there is even the prospect of being betrayed by your battery and it could spy on you and tell someone exactly where you have been with your phone using a tracking technique that exploits apps loaded on the device.

Even the car you drive could be compromised thanks to the tech that comes as standard in many new vehicles, so it makes sense to learn how to combat this pervasive threat and enjoy your gadgets without giving someone information or access that you don’t want them to have.  Check out this cool infographic from WhoIsHostingThis.com.