Did you know in 2020, Google’s network was hit by a massive 2.54 Tbps DDoS attack?

You might be worried about someone attacking your network, and so you might want to invest in something like SD-WAN. Yet, before you do this, you may want to read more about SD-Wan and its ability to secure your network.

Below we’re going to cover the basics of SD-Wan security and how this system can help you. If you’re interested in securing your network, you will soon discover whether SD-Wan is right for you.

Let’s begin!

Why Is SD-Wan Better Than Traditional Solutions?

SD-Wan stands for Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). It is a modern approach to a traditional networking solution known as Wide Area Network (WAN).

Traditional networking was often reliant on ‘physical’ connections between different kinds of systems.

So the computers in the warehouse would be connected to the computers in the office. In some cases, this traditional infrastructure could also support the ‘backhauling’ of data from data centers.

However, WAN systems weren’t designed to work with virtual cloud applications. As a result, ‘cloud connections’ can put too much pressure on a WAN network, therefore causing failure.

This is a problem because many companies use cloud products in their network. This also represents a security risk, as network security is compromised if your network crashes.

SD-Wan is special because it can prevent a scenario like this from happening.

That’s because this solution can work with cloud products as well as local networking systems. This ensures your network will run smoothly, no matter what your setup is.

Is SD-Wan Secure?

When compared to traditional networking solutions, SD-Wan is considered to be very secure.

One of the reasons for this is that SD-Wan allows you to encrypt all the traffic running across your network.

Another good thing about SD-Wan is that it’s easy to create VPNs with this solution. This allows you to provide employees with secure remote access, which is vital in today’s remote work environment.

That said, a lot of people struggle with monitoring their SD-Wan network as they find it complicated, and this can lead to an SD-Wan security issue.

That’s because if you can’t monitor SD-Wan traffic, it can be hard to spot malicious actors before it is too late.

Fortunately, you can overcome this issue by investing in an SD-Wan monitoring solution. This product will help you track the traffic flowing through your network, making it easy for you to fix minor problems before they escalate.

SD-Wan Security: Can You Rely On It?

In this post, we’ve covered some of the basics regarding SD-Wan security and why this solution is better than traditional options.

Ultimately, you will need to try this solution for yourself if you want to figure out how well it works.

Fortunately, most vendors will provide you with an SD-Wan demo free of charge. Thus if you utilize this demo, you can determine if this networking solution is right for you.

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