All you need is a smart device to play your very own hologram. Coming this June on Kickstarter.

“T-GRAM,” the hologram display technology by Hellogram (Atechnet, INC.)”, is launching this June on Kickstarter.

Want to project a hologram in your living room? Just take a spare tablet or smartphone, open up a hologram from the T-GRAM application, then place your device in T-GRAM’s upper compartment. Your hologram will be right there, floating in T-GRAM’s half-mirror.

T-GRAM is a great product if you’re looking for a way to upcycle any old tablets or smartphones laying around. The sophisticated and modern wood stylings on the top and bottom make T-GRAM the perfect interior decoration, no matter where you choose to project your holograms.

Which hologram you want to project is completely up to you. Maybe you want to play a beach hologram in the summer. You can also play a fireplace, or snow globe hologram in the winter. There are even holograms that will help you get pumped up for a trip to the gym. On your wedding anniversary, project a hologram photo collage to commemorate that special day. There are also custom holograms created on T-GRAM’s hologram creation platform. Kickstarter backers even get their own exclusive hologram content rewards, too.

But there’s also a custom application, STARRAY, planned for release with T-GRAM. STARRAY lets you download 3D hologram content made by creators from all around the world to project in your T-GRAM kit. Kickstarter backers are automatically given access to the membership required to use the STARRY platform, as well as free access to the platform’s future paid contents.

Purchasers of T-GRAM also get access to the 3D hologram creation platform, XR Maker. This application lets you use all kinds of assets and templates to create your own custom hologram. Currently, the app only has 3D photo slide styles available, as it is still in its beta version. Updates for the XR Maker app are slated for release at a later date.

T-GRAM is coming to Kickstarter this June, where backers can get exclusive benefits, including access to the STARRAY and XR Maker applications.