LUGO G3, the new 3D printer with the power to filter out harmful chemicals during multi-material printing, launched on Kickstarter this March.

When printing with materials such as resin, not only does the resin smell bad, but it can also be harmful to the body. To improve user safety during printing, the designers of LUGO G3 made sure to add a high-efficiency HEPA-carbon filter, as well as a host of other convenience features, to give you the safest and most efficient multi-material 3D printer possible.

This technology, plus a host of other technologies, is changing the way the 3D printing industry sees multi-material printing.

An example of these technologies is the Fila-box. Dry filament and wet filament each produce very different prints. That’s why the Fila-box continuously blows dry air into the printer, so you can control for humidity in your print. With Lugo G3’s Fila-box, you’re getting the highest quality print, without interference from ambient conditions.

Another great technology is the tower-free purge box. If you’ve printed with dual materials, then you know what’s wrong with purge towers – they’re super unreliable, and are a huge waste of time and filament. That’s why LUGO 3D uses the never-before-seen purge box, which replaces your multi-layered purge tower with tiny little pellets! Just 3mm of filament goes into one purge pellet, so why would you ever go back to towers with such great value from LUGO G3?

LUGO G3’s exclusive filament – Lutan – is also getting lots of attention in the industry. This all-rounder FFF material is made from PBT co-polymer, and has lots of advantages over other materials. Boasting outstanding heat, water, and chemical resistance, plus minimal shrinkage and outstanding adhesion, you can use Lutan for all kinds of projects. It’s a great all-rounder, and available only with LUGO G3.

And on top of all of that, LUGO G3’s has a safe, user-friendly design. For instance, the chamber has a full cover case, completely sealing it off from the user. Plus, all of the printing action takes place at the front of the printer, so you can keep track of your print from start to finish. LUGO G3 also has modularized parts for intuitive maintenance for each part group, getting rid of all of those annoying maintenance costs. And to top it all off, LUGO Cura software makes settings configuration safer and easier than ever.

You can find LUGO G3 only on Kickstarter, where backers of the campaign can get the talk of the 3D printing industry at an exclusive discount.