2019 is upon us and companies are looking for ways to position their brands positively in the eyes of customers and potential customers, and how to increase the sales of their products and services.

It is a challenging time, with increased competition both locally and internationally, consumers who are more educated and discerning, and a wide variety of ways to market with each claiming nearly impossible levels of success.

Although all of the popular marketing strategies can offer benefits to the majority of companies, every company must do its homework. For companies to be effective, they need to do their research about what to expect from their marketing efforts and how to get the most out of each style of marketing. For many, the best way forward is to work with a professional marketing agency like polkadot communications, as they have the knowledge and experience to get the results needed. Here are three of the best strategies for 2019.

Trade Show Marketing

Trade show marketing has continued to be a very effective marketing strategy for many companies. Trade shows are industry events that give companies an opportunity to meet in a controlled environment to present themselves, any new product and services and marketing strategies to potential customers, vendors, strategic partners and investors.

Companies can present themselves in front of and compare themselves to the industry’s best and show their products and services alongside their competitors.

The smartest companies use trade shows as an opportunity to show their strengths and to get extended time with key customers or potential customers. To do this they put their best foot forward and tis starts with buying a custom trade show display that creates the precise mood they want to display. Having a custom display allows for companies to bring trade show attendees into their world. When a company invests in a custom trade show display it shows their seriousness commitment to winning.


Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategy and tools that assist companies in gaining their web pages higher positions on search engines like Google. SEO begins with an understanding of keywords and the approaches necessary to gain favor with search engines. SEO is constantly changing because search engines are modifying their algorithms for search. Digital marketing firms specialize in understanding how search engines like Google operate and are constantly adjusting their methods to get clients at the top of search. Companies should always work with a top digital marketing firm to ensure they have the best SEO strategies working for them.

Social Media Marketing

With more than 3 billion people on social media today, any company serious about marketing its products and services to consumers has to be active in social media marketing. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube allow companies to get in front of potential customers multiple times as they interact with friend and family and peruse news, sports and entertainment. Smart companies learn how to market on these platforms and how to become social.  When executed properly, companies can create strong bonds with target consumers and position themselves as trusted allies. This leads to better relationships, more sales and positive brand awareness.

Implement these three marketing strategies in your company for 2019 and you will improve your bottom line.