I have been blogging for around 4 years now, ever since my friend Marc Hagins showed me that technical knowledge is really not required when it comes to setting up your own blog and connecting with people. Prior to this I had heard things about CSS, HTML and coding and I was immediately scared away from blogging, thankfully my friend educated me and I wanted to do the same for you guys.

Blogging is a great way to connect with people, express yourself online and even make a little money from advertising revenues and affiliate links if you are good enough to command traffic. If you would to set up a basic and simple blog then here is how to go about it.

Buy The Domain

The first step is to buy the domain name which you want (www.myname.com for example) you can do this through sites like GoDaddy.com who act as a sort of real estate company for the internet. Domains are usually pretty cheap and you’ll be paying around $10.


Once you have bought the domain you need to find someone to give you some space on the internet where you can put your site, this is called hosting. There are many websites which offer hosting online and with a quick Google search you can find a good company that will do this for you for perhaps around $2 per month.

Content Management System

Assuming that you are not technically gifted when it comes to website design and management, you are going to need a CMS or content management service such as WordPress. These are basically pieces of software which allow you to easily manage and change your site through the use of applications and easy-to-use tools.

Designing Your Site

Don’t get scared when the time comes to design your site, it is in fact a great deal of fun and you can spend a long time playing about with all manner of colors, fonts, effects and layouts on your pages. If you are short on ideas then you can use one of the templates which the CMS has or you can alternatively check out some of your favorite websites, and allow their choice of layouts and colors to inspire you.

Adding Content

The type of content which you add is completely up to you and will depend largely on the theme of your website. You can add a mixture of articles, photos or videos on to your site and the best bit is that that the content matter is really whatever you want it to be.

Social Media

If you want to get people to come and see your site then set up new social media page for your website and start sharing your content across social media channels. Keep the content high quality and make sure that you are telling everyone that you can about your new site.

So there you have it, your very own blog, now all you need to do is keep the content going!