It seems like every day we hear a new and terrifying story on the news about the dangers of cyber security. As more and more of our life is spent online and relying on online devices, the risks of cyber crime are growing. Here are a few easy cyber security tips to make sure you stay safe in the digital world.
Easy Cyber Security Tips Two Factor Authentication
Two factor authentication is becoming common place with big companies like Google and Apple prompting users to adopt. Two factor authentication is exactly what it sounds; it requires users to have another piece of information besides their passwords. Usually this comes via a one-time use code sent to your mobile phone, or a securely stored key; or even a physical code generator (used by game publishers.) The idea behind two factor authentication is that a hacker will not have access to your second factor even if they have accessed your password. So unless you are the victim of physical theft as well as digital theft, signing up for two factor authentication is a free and easy cyber security tip to keep you safe online.

Smart Passwords
Cyber security experts having been stressing this for years but surprisingly many people do not head the warnings. A secure password is one of the easiest and most effective things you can to do and a common sense cyber security tips. Good passwords are at least 10 characters long. They also have a combination of numbers, capitol letters, special characters (exclamation points or punctuation) and are not based on something related to you. So that means your password shouldn’t be a combination of your dog’s name and your birthday because in the age of social media those are two things easily accessible by hackers. Passwords should be seemingly random with not reference to publicly available information. Your passwords should also be unique, his is another  of the often ignored easy cyber security tips. The reason for this is simple, it is bad enough if a hacker gets access to your bank account but if you share a password it means that hacker would also have access to your email, Facebook, etc. Considering that email is one of the primary ways banks and other institutions will communicate with you in the aftermath of a authorized account, giving a criminal access to your email is basically a blank check! So remember use smart passwords that are unique to each account.

Encrypt your Home Router
Your wireless router at home can be an easy way for local hackers to access your personal data (as well as less malicious neighbors mooching off your data.)  A few ways to keep your home router safe is to be sure you change password from the default one or the one the cable guy set it as. Also, set your router to stop broadcasting it’s name; remember you can’t hack what you can’t see.

We hope you follow our easy cyber security tips, remember a few simple steps now could prevent a massive headache later!