As a nonprofit, a lot of your business endeavors probably revolve around raising money. Nonprofits need money to function, and convincing people to give money to your nonprofit is an important element of being able to do what you’re setting out to do. However, the process of raising money can be more complicated than it might seem at first. If you’re considering new and interesting ways of raising money, consider these three virtual fundraising ideas.

1. Virtual Events

A virtual event offers a variety of options for reaching out to the community. When you plan and execute a virtual event, you’re trying to create the same experience as you would have with a real event. This can certainly be a complicated process because virtual events very frequently don’t feel the same as real events, but with some extra work, you can certainly get there. If you need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to what you could do during the event, you can find some of the best virtual networking ideas here, which could help you and your attendees get to know eachother before you dive into the main part of the event.

It’s important to focus on a theme and a specific concept. For example, if your nonprofit is based around providing jobs for unemployed individuals, you might invite some of the individuals you’ve helped to talk about the skills you’ve helped them develop. You can also focus on a geographic area if you want to get even more precise.

2. An Online Auction

Contacting online auctions (similar to Minnesota’s Auction Masters) can be a fantastic and beneficial way to maximize funds. Many nonprofits ask for donations from supporters, which they then auction off. Those donations can be anything from physical items to experiences in the area. It’s even better if your auction options have something to do with the focus of your nonprofit.

Remember that it might not be enough to just put all the items on an auction site and wait for people to bid. You need to remind your donors that you’re offering these things. Reach out directly to donors, post about it on your social media pages, and even consider doing some live events to spotlight the most amazing products you have available through the auction.

3. Engage Large Donors

Auctions are often going to account for most of your donations. Many large nonprofits rely heavily on donors that will give in excess of thousands of dollars every year. Retaining those donors is going to be one of the most important things that you can do to bolster your nonprofit; making them feel like they’re getting their money’s worth is a crucial way of doing so.

One thing you might want to do is host unique events for people who give above a certain amount every year. Smaller nonprofits will probably want to stick to numbers around $1,000, while larger nonprofits tend toward numbers like $10,000 and $25,000. With unique and exclusive events, your donors will feel more connected to your nonprofit, prompting them to continue to give in the coming months and years.


Even if you’re not able to host in-person fundraising events, you can still host events that hold the spirit of your organization’s typical events. Virtual fundraising is a completely valid form of fundraising. As a nonprofit, you should always be looking for more ways to maximize your organization’s reach. Virtual fundraising is a great way to do exactly that, no matter what you’re fundraising for.