Did you know 41 percent of Americans aren’t ready for a disaster? If you want to learn what to pack in an emergency survival kit, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over a survival kit list.

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Why Build a Survival Kit?

A survival kit is an emergency kit that carries items an individual or family member needs to stay safe. The kit should cover them for at least three days.

You’ll want to pack this bag in the event of an emergency. This way, you’ll have essential items to stay safe. Make sure everyone in the family creates a kit.

Water and Food

Survival kits should get filled with water and food. Kits should contain water and food to sustain your family for at least three days.

Include a gallon of water a day for every family member. This water will cover sanitation and drinking needs.

Stock up on extra water for cooking. This way, you’ll have clean water if your water gets shut off or it gets contaminated.

Consider buying bottled water that has a shelf life of three years. You could buy water rations that last longer.

For food, include non-perishable food items. Check the expiry dates, and replenish old items with new products.

Try to stock up on supplies that will last for a week, though 72 hours is the recommended minimum.

What About Pet Supplies?

Pet owners end up in an emergency or a natural disaster but don’t have the essentials for their pets.

You’ll want enough water and food for them to survive. Make sure you also include some toys they love.

Your pet won’t fully comprehend what’s happening. They rely on you to keep them comfortable. If you have to evacuate, make sure you bring your pets with you or ask a relative to get them.

Emergency Items

Radios, flashlights, and whistles are essential emergency items. Keep a basic dust mask for breathing in case the air gets contaminated. You’ll also want raincoats, blankets, warm clothing, and a fire extinguisher.

Don’t forget an auto knife. Tools like pliers or a wrench will work as a manual can opener or work to shut off utilities. Make copies of essential documents.

Build a First Aid Kit

You’ll want plenty of medical supplies. Create a first aid kit with items like antacids, ibuprofen, bacitracin, and bandages.

Do you have older people or young kids in your family? Make sure you take into consideration their needs when you create the kit. Check that you have up-to-date prescriptions.

Now You Know How to Build a Survival Kit

We hope this guide on a survival kit was helpful. Now that you know about the importance of a survival kit start making one at home today. Ask your family to get involved.

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