The internet has brought with it a new way of thinking and to an extent, a new way of living, we are closer together as a planet thanks to the internet and it has revolutionized almost every area of business, industry and personal life. You’ve probably searched for something like “internet providers in my area” at some point in your life, whether that’s to get yourself connected or just to check that you are with a good provider in your area, to make sure that you are getting the best connection for your money possible. One thing that can most definitely be said about the internet is that it has brought with it so much opportunity. The opportunity for people to create businesses with ease, the opportunity to connect with people in all four corners of the World and the opportunity for people to gain knowledge.

One great way of utilizing the internet is to further your ambitions when it comes to turning your hobbies into a professional and I want to talk today about how photographers in particular can use the internet to make money from their passion and push to have a career in photography.

Networking and Sales

Most photographers bread and butter when it comes to earning a living is to take photos at weddings and events, people like Joshua Manocherian have made a great living from this and he for example was even able to start life as a restaurateur thanks to his earning as an event photographer. The internet is a great way of putting your name out there for anyone looking at hiring a photographer for a wedding or for an event. You can utilize social media so that people can leave feedback on the job you did, you can place ads on wedding pages and you can display your photos online for wedding and event planners to see.


Blogging alone can provide a great source of income, if you can provide content which makes people want to visit your site then the traffic this generates will interest advertisers who will pay you to place ads on your site. The benefits of blogging as a photographer is two-fold, not only can you look to monetize your blog through advertising but you can also use your blog to promote your work and sell prints. Try not to make your blog all about photos, you can gain mass interest from beginners if you talk about techniques and styles which you use. If you want to get recognized for your work then having a blog and a heavy social media presence is a great way of doing so.

Working Freelance

It has never been easier to find freelance work than right now, there are lots of websites which act as third parties between you and prospective employers looking for photo work. All you need to do is sign up to the sites, add some information about yourself and then start applying for jobs. There are many online magazines who are looking for photos to use on their site, people writing books who wish for photos to feature amongst a whole host of other opportunities for you and your camera. The work can be as flexible as you like and the salaries can be very high depending on the client’s needs.