A wide range of consumer products, including mobile phones, electronic vehicles, portable chargers, portable power banks, etc., are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are now more frequently involved in accidents than in the past. Over 25,000 batteries overheated, caught fire, and some even exploded in the past five years, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These incidents resulted in horrible burns and other physical harm. What will happen if a large battery, such as a portable power station, explodes? Explosions of tiny devices, such a cell phone or portable charger, already result in significant injuries. Can you imagine a portable power station that doesn’t blow up even after being pierced by a nail during a product test? Here is Mjolnir, a portable power station with a lithium-titanate battery that doesn’t explode.

Mjolnir, the most efficient and safe power station.

The explosion point of a lithium-titanate battery is 400°C, while that of a lithium-ion battery is 230°C. As was previously stated, when the nail pierced the battery during the product test, it did not explode. The attributes of Mjolnir don’t stop there. It offers 5400W of power compared to the 3600W to 4500W in overdrive offered by most existing products.  You can run a lightbulb for more than 26 hours with 5400W, a refrigerator for 5–7 hours, and a television for 6–13 hours. For a brief period of time, it can even operate heavy-duty worksite equipment like welding machines. When the battery in your electrical vehicle runs out on the road, you may charge it up so you can go 3.2 miles (5 km) to the closest charging station. It just takes 30 minutes to fully charge this powerful device. Isn’t it incredible?

It’s not just safe and efficient. Use Mjolnir whenever, everywhere.

This versatile portable power station can be used in a variety of circumstances. When the electricity unexpectedly goes off, you can use it. Mjolnir will offer you enough power during an unexpected power outage to illuminate your home, run your refrigerator for a few hours, and charge your electronic devices. The majority of power banks don’t function in below-freezing temperatures, did you know that? The lithium-titanate battery in Mjolnir maintains up to 80% of its full capability at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C). It has excellent portability because it weighs only 46lbs (21 kg), compared to the typical 99lbs (45 kg) of conventional products. Put Mjolnir in your trunk if you like to go camping and other outdoor activities. Lighting a lamp, turning on a speaker, using a portable stove, and using Mjolnir to recharge your electrical devices. Camping need not always be inconvenient.

Mjolnir is ready to meet the backers on Kickstarter.

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