The internet is by far the greatest innovation of our times, this incredibly powerful network has the ability to connect us with the World and it gives us more information at our fingertips than a thousand libraries put together. Despite its immense power and the fact that it offers us the capability to do thousands of different things, how many times have you sat in front of the computer screen, with time and your hands and all you can think of doing is checking your Facebook account or watch animal fights on YouTube?

Next time your online with time to spare why not try out one of these activities instead…

Create a YouTube Channel

Instead of just watching YouTube videos, why not set up your own account like Steve Sorensen where you can share and upload your very own videos. If you like being in front of the camera then you can create your own videos from your cellphone and upload it straight away, who knows, you may even become a star. Alternatively you can put together video montages or share videos that you love. Setting up a channel is incredibly simple and could even make you some money in the future.

Learn a New Skill

There are so many ‘how to’ guides and videos online that learning a new skill has never been easier. You can take your pick here, perhaps you want to learn how to play that guitar that’s been lying around your room or maybe you want to learn a magic trick or how to play chess or even build a concrete wall. Whatever your fancy is, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to find a way online of doing it.

Playing Games

If playing games is your thing then you can find literally thousands of them online, anything from addictive games to action games or strategy games. You can play against other people online or you can simply pass some time button bashing against the computer. The internet has even brought us the ability to play classic games like those that were famous on the Sega Mega Drive or the Super Nintendo. Playing games has been taken to the next level since the inception of the internet.

Create a Website

In the past it was just the people who understood coding that could create websites, that practice has been made far easier these days and just about anyone can create a beautiful website with ease. A website or blog is the perfect way to express yourself and the beauty is that you have total autonomy and freedom over what you write about. If you want to gain popularity then it is best to stick to something niche, this will gain you more loyal support than simply writing about the trials and tribulations of your daily life. Your blog can be about any range of subjects from gardening to mechanics, Star Wars memorabilia to jewelry, whatever your passion is, create a website and share it with the World.