Whilst there may not be too many opportunities to travel given the current climate, ensuring that you have a passport which is up to date is still important. After all, domestic travel and confirmation of your ID will require a passport that is in date. Given the lockdown situation which is affecting many of us, getting out to grab that all important passport photo has been made a great deal harder.

Thankfully there are some great services which you can rely on that will help you to get those passport pictures, even though you may not be able to leave the house.

Finding The Right Passport Photo Service

A simple search online for ‘passport photos near me’ will bring up a number of high quality providers who will actually come to your home and take the passport photos. Remember that these pictures have to meet governmental specifications, and this is why a professional service is the right option. Once you have found the best provider in your area, simply add some personal details and then find an appointment time which suits you.

Out Calls

These companies will not only be able to take your passport pictures, they will also come out to your home or even your place of work, to take the images. This of course is the perfect option for those who are in lockdown or who have limited movement because of the pandemic. First you should use the online booking system to make your appointment. Once you have made the arrangements, all you have to do is ensure that you are at the location at the correct time.

Reading The Details

Once you have made an appointment to have your passport photo taken, be sure to follow the guidelines that you have been sent. This will include what you should be wearing and what restrictions there may or may not be around wearing items like glasses or a head covering.

Instant Passport Photo Delivery

One of the key benefits of using this kind of service is not just that they come to you, but also that you will get instant passport photo delivery. This means that once your images have been taken at home or your place of work, they will be instantly printed and handed over. Additionally you will receive an email with digital copies of your passport image. The reason why this is required is so that if there are nay complications with your original images, you will have secondary copies which you can use.

Kid’s Passport Images

For anyone who is looking to have images taken for their children, this is the perfect service to use. Getting the kids to remain still and looking the right way for the photo is far from easy. These companies however have experience in taking images of children and they can take the stress out of this for you.

Simply because we are under lockdown conditions in many parts of the country, does not mean that you cannot get your passport pictures taken, and ensure that you have an up to date passport.