Aerial photography used to be a specialist skill that was only practiced by photographers with expensive equipment and years of experience. But things have changed in the last few years.

Now, drones are better and cheaper than ever before, and drone photography is growing in popularity. Here are some tips to help you master aerial drone photography so you can create some stunning images for yourself.

Choose Your Drone Wisely

The first rule of better drone photography is finding right drone. There are many drones out there that are capable of taking photos, but they vary greatly in quality.

Look for a list of the best drones with cameras to find out which ones are the best right now. This will help you to choose one that will be capable of taking the type of photograph that you are looking to capture.

Always Know the Local Rules

There are many rules and regulations surrounding the use of drones, so make sure you know what they are where you are located. You don’t want to get into trouble, which could lead to a hefty fine.

Research the laws and always avoid flying in areas where drones are not permitted. Also, take a look at the FAA website to find out about the rules.

Learn How to Fly Your Drone

You will only be able to take spectacular aerial photographs once you can fly your drone with confidence. So before you even start experimenting with photography, learn how to fly your drone. This can take a while, but it will be worth it when you start taking amazing photographs.

Balance the Propellers

When you take photos and videos with a drone, sometimes there is a shaky effect due to the propellers. This happens when there is an imbalance in how the weight is distributed. You need to balance the propellers, and you might also want to use gimbals to avoid shaky photographs.

Fly Your Drone in the Morning or Evening

Outdoor photography is always best in the early morning or evening when the light is more beautiful and the shadows more striking. So take your drone out at these times to capture more beautiful images and videos.

The landscape will look stunning from up high, with long shadows creating drama. While any photo from up high will look impressive, you can make your photos even better by choosing your time of day wisely.

Choose Spectacular Locations

Obviously, you’ll want to avoid flying your drone anywhere unsafe like near to an airport. But beyond that, make an effort to seek out amazing locations and be adventurous.

Find stunning locations where you know your aerial shots will look incredible, and although it will take more effort on your part, it will pay off.

Always Take Extra Parts

Nothing is more frustrating than finding the ideal spot to take aerial photos and then realizing you need to fix your drone. A minor knock could put your drone out of action, so make sure you can repair it where you are without having to return home.

This means carrying all the spare parts you might need, including extra batteries and propellers. Don’t ruin your chance to take amazing photos because of a lack of preparation.

Capture Incredible Aerial Photographs

Drone photography is a fantastic hobby, and the images you take will look incredible. However, make sure you follow these tips to improve your aerial photography.

After that, the secret comes down to practicing regularly, and soon you’ll start taking images that will wow and amaze all who see them.