While many of us dream of a vacation away from our phones and computers, the reality is that our responsibilities often follow us. So if you have to work while on vacation or just check up on the kids or pets; here are some tips on how to stay connected when on vacation.

Stay Connected when on vacation
SIM Cards
These days are phones are usually our go to for getting online and staying connected. So if you want to stay connected when on vacation be sure your phone can connect to cell service. Your first step is to research if cellular data is available where you are going. The next step is to see if your mobile carrier offers mobile roaming to region. If they offer it and it is included in your package than great, you are good to go.  If they don’t offer roaming in this region or it is very costly consider buying a local SIM card at your vacation location. A SIM card is what authenticates your phone to a providers network. Today many airports will have SIM cards for sale when you land or you can pick them up at local convenience store. You may have to show a passport but other than that is a simple process. Just pop in the local SIM card and you are ready to go. Not only is this usually a very cost effective approach, it is also great way to stay connected when on vacation, and will allow you to make local calls. You can also get SIM cards for your tablets, other devices, or even some laptops. So if you want to save money and surf the web like a local opt for a SIM card on arrival.

Hotel Wireless
Nearly all hotels claim to offer wireless internet but the devil is in the details. It is not uncommon to receive a password from the front-desk on check-in only to get to your room and realize the internet is painfully slow, intermittent, or even non-existing. One of the best ways to get a feel for the actual wifi quality is to read reviews from other travelers. Travel sites usually allow users to post reviews or comments and believe me, when a traveler is upset about wifi they will share this experience when they get back home. So if you are planning on using hotel wifi, check out their reviews first.

Coffee Shops
The old stand by for digital nomads, freelancers, and business travelers alike; the coffee shop. Whether in Cambodia, Crete, or Canada; most coffee shops offer free wifi with purchase. One of the best parts of working at coffee shop when on vacation is you can meter the amount of time you are online. This means when in your hotel room or at the beach you aren’t hearing pings of work emails. Remember you are on vacation after all!

Even when on vacation you may have to keep updated. Whether to check travel arrangements, play video games, or keep in touch with we hope our tips on staying connected when on vacation are a help!