The number of firefighters in the US is decreasing annually.

Approximately 28,000 openings for firefighters are available on a year, over the decade. Many of those positions are anticipated to be brought on by the need to replace those who change careers or leave the workforce due to retirement.

They said, two major reasons why they quit their job were schedule that keeps firefighters on the job and away from their families for months at a time, and income that hasn’t kept up with the cost of living. Moreover, it has become more difficult for firefighters to take time off due to a manpower shortage and the intensity of wildfires, which has also caused damage to mental health issues.

Jim Burneka, who is a firefighter in Dayton, Ohio and a firefighter Cancer Consultant who works with fire departments all over the country to lower cancer risks of firefighters said, “It’s not the traditional line-of-duty death, the firefighter falling through the floor, or the roof collapsing on us”. Jim also said “It’s a new kind of line-of-duty death. It’s still the job that kills us. It’s just we die with our boots off.”

What made them so exhausted? The biggest reason must be a manpower shortage. This would happen far less if there were enough labor. However, we cannot force a person to be a firefighter. What if there is an equipment that could reduce their work?

The exceptional technology will help the firefighters.

FINO’s Smart Nozzle will eliminate all torque during the fire extinguishing process. They have proprietary technology that allows a nozzle to totally eliminate any upward torque by using a special water pressure regulating cartridge. Since only the straight reaction force needs to be managed and the downward reaction force is handled by the nozzle, this enables a firefighter to control the hose alone. Additionally, it reduces the reaction force by around 30% and helps lessen a firefighter’s fatigue when spraying water.

How about a nozzle for you and your neighbors?

Being ready is always beneficial, even if unexpected events only occur sometimes. Think about placing nozzles at your house, place of work, business, farm, etc. The local fire station might be too far away from your house, or perhaps no firefighters were on duty when you phoned them in an emergency. You need to know where the closest fire hydrant is and be prepared with a hose and FINO Smart Nozzle to be safe from the unexpected fire.

Giving this Smart Nozzle to loyal firefighters as a present is another way to support and give back to your community. Your donation of the nozzle will undoubtedly assist your local fire station, which is experiencing a manpower shortage, whether you do it on your own or by soliciting donations from your neighbors.

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After receiving numerous performance reviews, FINO’s Smart Nozzle was commended for its accomplishments in shows including USA FDIC, Hannover intershutz, and 2022 Fire Expo Korea. They brought their prototype to various exhibitions and participated. Additionally, they provided free distribution of their prototype products to Korean fire stations so that they could evaluate the effectiveness; the outcomes were excellent.

Why not safeguard your health and safety at a far lesser cost than you would typically spend by being ready for an unforeseen threat? Additionally, how about showing your community your sincere concern for them? To learn more, visit Indiegogo and enter the word “FINO.”