This two-in-one power station and portable mattress keeps you warm for up to 12 hours.

When you’re hiking up the frigid mountains with icy, cold wind in your face, the biggest danger is the sheer cold. The longer we stay out in the cold, the harder it is for our bodies to thermoregulate. Eventually, your blood circulation starts to slow down, and frostbite occurs on your ears, nose, cheeks, fingers, and toes. Though items such as hot packs provide temporary relief, these products become unreliable as temperatures dip further and further into the negatives.

So is there just no way to keep warm on the mountains then? Not anymore. BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro is here to keep all you winter campers out there warm and toasty.


There’s an interesting story behind this innovative product. A lab researcher went climbing up the Annapurna mountain of the Himalayas, and nearly froze from the freezing conditions. The researcher came to realize the importance of a hot water mattress, and thus, BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro was born.

But BLACKCAN II Pro’s usability while camping, fishing, backpacking, and during disaster relief also reflects the product’s universal usability for not just mountain climbing, but in all kinds of situations.

The heated mattress that’s perfect for the outdoors

BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro is, essentially, a hot water mattress. Most mattresses are hard to move around with their huge bulk. But BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro is different. To make a product that’s truly outdoors friendly, BLACKCAN II Pro focuses mainly on portability.

The PowerPot weighs just over 1.5 pounds, and the Carrying Bag set weighs just around 6 pounds. Campers used to hauling around heavy tents and other essential equipment will be relieved to know that their load doesn’t increase much at all with BLACKCAN II Pro. And though it’s traditionally quite difficult to get access to electrical power in the outdoors, BLACKCAN II Pro comes with a power-generating water circulation system, making it an essential in the winter. All you need to get started with BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro is a single 1 lb. gas canister for 12 hours of warmth. When you want to make the mattress temperature colder or hotter, just adjust the gas valve until it reaches just the right temperature. Another great feature is that BLACKCAN II Pro generates its own electricity, letting you connect LED lights, or even charge your phone.

You may think that, since the mattress comes with a silicon hose inside, the product may be difficult to store. But the hose gap is narrow and expertly sewn, so it won’t break or curl up. That means you’re free to fold or roll up the mattress when you need to store it. And the waterproof fabric means that, if you happen to spill something on the mattress, it’ll come right off.

BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro’s Unrivaled Technology

The biggest reason why BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro can retain its warmth even in the frigid cold is because of the TEG (thermoelectric generator) located between the burner and the Power Pot. As the product’s propane/butane gas is consumed, the bottom of the Power Pot reservoir heats up. This heat is transported by the TEG, thus generating electric energy. This powers the pump that’s circulating water through the mattress. This also lets you charge your devices, and powers the LED indicator.

If all of that wasn’t enough for you, the heated outdoor mattress is also fitted with a BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor Pump), making it semi-permanent and significantly less noisy than an AC or DC motor.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on BLACKCAN II Pro’s crowdfunding campaign, which is currently in progress on Kickstarter.