Exercise is crucial when it comes to staying healthy. However, start exercising and maintaining the same level of exercise is really a challenge for most of us. It’s because exercise is hard and gets boring by its repetitiveness. How can you overcome these problems and start exercising with excitement and consistency.

Enjoying while exercising with a gaming bike

There is one product to solve the issues. Introducing DETS BIKE PRO, an indoor gaming bike with an online gaming feature. This bike is not an ordinary exercise equipment like you think. You must clear various gaming stages while pedaling your bike inside the metaverse. Gaming console shaped handlebars will make the users feel like an actual game too. DETS BIKE PRO is for people who want to efficiently workout, people who want to build a regular exercise routine, and teenagers who needs to build their muscles.

4 modes with 28 different game stages

DETS BIKE PRO provides 4 modes of 28 various gaming stages through the app called Pudding rush. Adventure mode is filled with different gaming missions. Training mode is designed to compete the scores against the opponents. Multi-play mode lets you compete online. Battle mode requires teamwork to clear the missions. The more player concentrates and immerse into the game, the more exercise effect and feeling of achievements they will feel during the exercise. The gaming contents are free for life with content updates guaranteed. So, you can keep exercising without worrying about any add-ons or hidden fees.

Enjoy metaverse world in DETS TOWN

Players can access the metaverse community in-game, called the “DETS TOWN.” More than 1,000 players can join the network at once, with plenty of interaction tools like messaging and voice chatting. Players can check other players’ ranking to maintain the competitiveness which will naturally push the players for more exercise.

Perfect exercise equipment for easy installation and storage

DETS BIKE PRO is designed for users of all genders and ages. It’s designed with an easy installation and storage with adjustable distance between the handlebars and the saddle. Also, the wheels attached on the front body makes it easy to carry the equipment wherever you want. When not in use, it can be stored in a storage too.

Now available in Kickstarter

DETS BIKE PRO, which allows you to play games while exercising is now available on Kickstarter. People who hate going to the gym, people with no exercise routine, start using DETS BIKE PRO to enjoy exercising today.