The B2B marketing industry has evolved significantly over the years, and the year of 2017 introduced new and domain-shaping trends that once adopted can give you the chance of keeping up or even exceeding competitors. Considering the competitive nature of the industry, implementing some changes into your field of practice can have positive outcomes, so here are the top five trends that are currently circulating.

  1. Influencer marketing

The first trend that stands out is the one called influencer marketing. The key is to find people who already have influence in your market and strategize their role. Identifying potential influencers requires a strategic approach from your part, so resorting to a B2B marketing consultant could be extremely advantageous. Nowadays, an incredible number of people rely on the advice of influencers when making purchases or similar decisions, so this marketing trend will allow you to effectively nurture leads by leveraging the influencers’ reputation.

  1. B2B marketing automation

A way of scoring and nurturing leads with proven results, marketing automation involves lead grading and lead scoring. This type of technology allows B2B businesses, as long as the best strategy is being chosen, to obtain numerous benefits and even improved ROI. Using third party sites for nurturing prospects, using a multi-step welcome sequence and dynamic content as well as the automation of mass emailing are only a few of the many great options you have in this department.

  1. Content marketing

Although used for a long time now, content marketing has become more effective in 2017 due to the increase of attention directed towards social medial and share blogs. Focusing on the quality, quantity and frequency of your content can draw the interest of potential customers/clients. Because people nowadays usually do a thorough research before deciding to resort to a business or another, content marketing strategies can help you obtain the responses wanted.

  1. Cross channel campaigns

Engagement, communication and intelligence – these are the three words that characterize cross channel campaigns. By combining multiple strategies, such as online Ads with SEO campaigns and other similar practices relevant for your domain, you’ll be increasing your chances of creating business awareness and obtaining the marketing results you desire.

  1. Social Media

Last, but certainly not least, social media, although not a new trends, remains one of the most popular choices for B2B businesses. The usage of various social media platforms is recommended, the two options that provide the best results being Twitter and LinkedIn. For effective outcomes, the accounts need to be utilized properly, regular updates and organic or paid promotion social media practices coming as a priority. As long as your social media actions are done intensively and strategically, this marketing option can be extremely advantageous.

These are the most important B2B marketing trends of 2017 you should know about. If any of these marketing movements interest you, but you are not thoroughly familiar with the topic, you can always resort to a specialized B2B marketing consultant to assist and support you in making the best decisions and adopting the best approach for the future success and development of your business.