Looking for a solar provider but unsure who is best? With the extension of the federal tax credit helping lower the already shrinking solar installation costs, demand has escalated.

Don’t settle for less than the best installer. If you are looking to get solar power installed, read on to find out all you need to know about choosing the best solar installer for homes.

Solar Installer Certification

Due to the technical nature of solar panel installation, there is a process and license that installers need to legally install solar systems. This license is the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification.

Yes, part of the test is saying that name five times fast.

In truth, this test is to promote confidence for consumers looking for a qualified solar installer. This indicates that the team you’re working with spent additional time and resources gaining experience from a national certification process.

To ensure high quality, those with this certification must go through an extensive examination process to ensure they understand the proper protocols to ensure a successful solar installation experience.

Product Quality

On top of ensuring the team is certified, it’s important that your solar panels and their brackets are all of the highest quality. For example, monocrystalline solar panels have higher efficiency but cost more than amorphous solar panels, with are cheaper and less efficient.

Having a team that helps weigh these cost trade-offs with you is essential. Blue Raven Solar is a great team to work with. If you can opt for cheaper panels, but need twice as many to reap the equivalent solar harvest, it seldom is worth it.

It’s also important to confirm your panels’ warranty period. A 25-year performance and equipment warranty is standard across the board. For performance, your panels should operate at 90% or greater efficiency than when you installed them 25 years ago.

The equipment warranty covers defective panels, new brackets, and some other components in your solar panel system. If your warranty doesn’t cover these basics or does so but for less time, consider alternative providers.

Recommendations and Reviews

Word of mouth helps grow both small and large solar installation companies. If your friend, relative, or neighbor installed solar, ask about their experience.

Check costs, if the team set a reasonable timeline and stuck with it, and if there were any unexpected hurdles.

Reading online reviews can be a great way to see and hear what others have experienced working with a solar installer. In many cases, the quality of a review is more important than the number of less-detailed reviews.

Check different websites (not just the company’s website) to see if reviews are consistent across the board. If one person had a bad experience, see if the team replied or reached out to them. As the solar installation process is not a quick one, having a dependable customer service team that reaches out and takes action is important. Ultimately, you want a Solar Panel Installation team that will listen and adapt to your needs, not just bulldoze you.

The Best Solar Installer for Homes

Now that you know the basics, check your local providers and get quotes and scheduling details to determine the best solar installer for homes in your area.

If you did your homework and their team succeeds, leave them a review! Reviews help the next people trying to find the best solar providers in your area. A great review can save them time and further reward the solar installing team for their hard work.

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