The need for a great website design has never been greater with websites currently reaching the 1 billion mark on the internet. Your company needs to be able to position itself with potential customers in a world where everyone is yelling for their attention. One of your front line tools to get customer’s attention is your website and its design will pay a large part in whether it gets you notice d and generates business or not. Here are some key strategies for you website that should assist you in making it work well for you.

Make it SEO Friendly

The primary reason your company has dedicated time and resources to developing an incredible website is because you want to use it a s a tool to service existing customers and more importantly to attract new ones. In order to attract customers online, you need to market where they are and this means on search engines. Google and the other search engines account for the majority of searches people conduct online. In fact when people are looking for a specific product or service category online more than 70% of the time they turn to a search engine to locate it.

What this means for businesses is that they need to put in place strategies that assist them in getting to the top of or on the first page of search engine searches so their websites will be the ones accessed in a search.

The strategy to get your company in the game is called SEO and understanding how SEO works and how to utilize it will provide key input on your website design.

The important elements of SEO are constantly changing but the basics remain the same. They include:

  • Utilizing the right keywords that those searching will use to find websites.
  • Creating compelling, well written and original content
  • Making sure that your website loads quickly

These are the basics for any great SEO strategy but to be the most effective you should hire a firm that specializes in developing and managing your enterprise SEO. This approach will ensure that you are kept up to date on any SEO changes and that your website and content is always properly formatted to position you high on the top search engines.

Make it Easy to Navigate

Too often web designers will go for flash over function. The reality is that people who visit your site want to be able to easily find what they need. If they have to go through too many gyrations to get to it, they will simply leave. This means web designers must make this simple. Place buttons and links to other pages in the usual places, use clear fonts and colors that are easy on the eye, and put as much critical information in front of them as soon as possible. These tips will get visitors to stay longer and be happier when they are on your site.

Don’t Overload Your Site Tricks

There are so many cool things you can add to your site today. You can add animations, videos, floating and disappearing text, and many other elements that can make the site more interesting and informative. But it is important to remember that these things should never be the star of your website. Instead people come there for information and to easily locate what they want to know. If you put too many of these elements on your site it will be a turnoff for visitors. Instead be selective about what you add and only add one or two.