When you are running your own small business, you need to make every minute count to ensure maximum efficiency. Advances in modern technology have meant that it’s now easier than ever before to automate many of your daily processes, helping to free up your time to concentrate on winning new business and keeping your customers engaged.

Whatever the size of your small business, there are affordable, time saving digital solutions that can help you to save both time and money while you concentrate on growing your business. Some of the most accessible and cost-effective tech solutions for small businesses include the following.

1. Take advantage of the cloud. Keeping your documents and information safe and accessible has never been easier. Forget jam packed filing cabinets, The Cloud is a software service that runs on the Internet instead of locally on your computer. This means any images, data, or important information can be accessed from anywhere in the world, yet is always password protected and incredibly safe. Some examples of cloud services include Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Netflix, Yahoo Mail, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

2. Utilize remote working practices. Having all of your employees work together in one office is no longer necessary for the majority of small businesses. Thanks to the internet, you can now work with individuals from all over the world in real time and with real results. If you want to hire the very best staff for you business, take advantage of tools that help to consolidate your working practices. Collaboration software tools like Slack, Sococo, and SamePage make it easy for everyone to work as a team without even having to be in the same country. Team management tools like this can be accessed in the office, at home or on the go, meaning there that you no longer need to worry about time constrictions or distance.

3. Upgrade your network. Investing a little time and money into your online profile and network provider will deliver dividends. With millions of potential customers looking to research or purchase goods and services online, your business needs to have a good-looking, easy to use, fully responsive website. Hiring the services of a professional web design company may seem like an unnecessary outlay, but you’ll lose business if your customers cannot find you online. You should also consider upgrading your internet connections to ensure that you are always able to cope with the demands placed on your business by cloud solutions, customers ordering systems, and other new technology. Invest in your online solutions now in order to reap the rewards later.

4. Look into custom made software solutions. Every business has day to day administrative tasks that need to be undertaken. If you can automate these, you could be saving money and man-hours on a daily basis. Online accounting software, for example, will take care of your outgoings, invoices and payments, without you having to employ accounts staff or slave over the ledger yourself. From accounts to stock inventories and everything in between, there’s probably a customizable software product to help make your business more efficient. You could even go one step further and hire a specialist saas accountant, or an accountant who specializes in your industry, to oversee the company’s finances, leaving you free to manage the areas of the business that you are more proficient in.

5. Automate your banking. Cashflow is a critical aspect of the success of any small business. Waiting too long for clients to pay can cause problems and in some cases can even lead to the failure of your enterprise. Early payment systems like a get paid early app can help to ease the strain on your organization. The direct deposit system means that you will be eligible to receive your funds up to two days earlier that most other banks allow. This means your money is always there exactly when you need it!