Recruiters the world over report that they regularly encounter a significant problem: the fact that people do not have the right skills. Luckily, however, user behavior analytics tools can now help to resolve this. These tools are used in different ways in different industries, allowing people to look at a wealth of records. Let’s take a look at the benefits these programs offer.


When properly used, this software can streamline the full process of recruitment. This includes interviewing, offering someone a position, and even the induction process. These three key elements are costly, particularly if it then turns out someone doesn’t have the right skills set. A good program, however, can bring all of this together in a much easier way.


For businesses, this type of tracking software can ensure that employees are committed to their job and that they are efficient at all times. It monitors which programs they use and when, as well as how long for. This is particularly important now that we live in an age of internet and social media. It can be all too tempting for an employee to spend most of their time on Facebook, rather than doing their job properly. While some people feel that this is a bit like spying, it doesn’t have to be so long as you tell employees the software is in place.


Another key benefit of user behavior analytics is that it can tell you whether an employee may need more training in a certain area, or whether they are working below their skill level. By seeing what they do and how quickly they do it, you can determine whether they are out of their depth or bored. At the end of the day, maximizing the talent that is available to you is hugely important.


Last but not least, this type of software provides you with extensive protection. Data breaches are common, as are ransomware attacks. If such a data breach or attack happens, it is very important that you can identify where it came from, and what the user did to allow the attack to occur in the first place. This could be anything from accidentally falling into the trap of a spam message, to a deliberate attack on your organization by a corporate spy.

There is an ethical debate going on around user behavior analytics software. However, it seems that the general consensus is that, so long as you are open and honest about what you do as an employee, you are well within your rights to do so. This is mainly due to the fact that this software does so much more than simply “spy” on your employees to see if they are doing their job properly. In fact, the software will work to the advantage of your employees, since it will make it easier for you recruit the right people for a promotion or new organizational development or innovation.