One of the best ways for you to get your product out there, and give your business maximum exposure, is to take advantage of trade shows when they come along. Indeed many companies, especially when they are in their infancy, will travel around the country to take advantage of trade shows and the opportunity to show off their products and services to consumers and most importantly, to other businesses.

Killing it at a trade show is about more than just turning up with a working model of your product, in fact it is about far more than that and if you want to ensure that your next trade show is successful, here are some tips for you to keep in mind when renting designer shelves.

First Impressions

Making a great first impression is incredibly important at a trade show, remember that you will be sandwiched in amongst many other businesses who are looking to get the same success that you are after. With this in mind then, you must ensure that you make an instant impact on people with the design of your trade show booth. Instead of using the same old basic model, why not look at some of the custom trade show displays which you can adapt to your business and your products, to really wow those who are coming to the show. As well as thinking about how your booth is going to look up close, you want to make sure that those hunting around a potentially vast space looking for you will be able to find you in amongst the crowd. For example, you could get a couple of custom made flags as part of your setup so that you will stand out, and also so that you can provide a point of reference to anyone who wishes to come and visit you during the show.

Creative Giveaways

The days of handing out a company pen are over if you really want to stand out at a trade show and it is important that you really get creative with your giveaways. The idea of the giveaway is that others see people with your freebie, and want a piece of the action. With this in mind try to think about something cool and quirky, even if you have to invest a little more cash than you usually would. Remember that this entire event is about enticing people to come and see what you’re all about, but first you must get them on the hook.

Fun and Informative

Once you have people inside your booth, the hard work has been done and now it is time to blow them away with your products and your sales pitch. Make sure that the pitch is interactive, people do not want to stand there and listen to you speak whilst viewing a powerpoint. Make sure that you get people involved and that the exhibition is doused with some fun. A prime example of this would be Charity Water, a non-profit which helps to get clean water to remote villages around the world. As part of their exhibition, visitors carried two 40 later jugs of water around a small assault course, indicating what villagers would have to do without them. This created a competition amongst visitors, a memorable experience and one which reminds people of the facts behind the company and how they operate. Get creative and informative when you have hooked people to your exhibition.

Trade shows offer an amazing opportunity to show off who you are and what you do, nail it and you could see some great results.