When it comes to buying and selling goods online, many people usually opt for Amazon and for good reason: not only do they possess a wide variety of items and products available for purchase, they also allow third-party sellers to make a profit using their platform. However, because of the somewhat oversaturated community, it can be a little challenging to set yourself apart from the multitude of sellers online. This is where the Amazon Buy Box comes into play since it not only helps a buyer get the best value for money but also aids a seller in getting a much-needed sale.

How can you win the Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is a critical tool to have at your disposal, especially if you find yourself competing against other sellers with the same goods. To win the Amazon buy box is no small feat however. There are plenty of things that you’ll need to consider in order to fulfill a few requirements so that the algorithm that the website uses chooses you. This may sound like an overwhelming task to achieve but it isn’t impossible so long as you keep a few things in mind.

The first thing you’ll most likely have to do is to make sure that your items are all competitively priced. This can be done either by perusing through the pages of other sellers to see what the product’s value is or an easier solution would be to make a small investment in an application to do it for you. The Feedadvisor application, just to name one, can accurately analyse the market and determine what exactly the ideal value or cost of an item is. It’s an invaluable tool that no amazon should overlook.

Be sure to have good relationships with your customers

Your next step would be to generate relationships with your customers. Negative reviews can get your account suspended, and you may need to work with an amazon suspension lawyer in order to get it back, so it’s in your best interest to offer quality products and respond to customers when they come to you with questions or issues. It may sound old-fashioned in the technologically-advanced world of today, but asking them to write a review for your product can do wonders as a free marketing strategy. Most buyers will generally base their purchase on how well-received a particular product is from a seller, and the more positive reviews you have, the better the chances you’ll not just make a profit, but win the Amazon Buy Box, too.

Availability in your inventory, options in fulfillment, as well as seller ratings are more or less important elements in being able to win the Amazon Buy Box. But to achieve them, you’ll need to think out of the box too, so to speak. For example, try creating a unique bundle for your products. It will not only help the buyer on a budget, but it will also yield a satisfied customer that will be back for more and potentially recommend you to other friends and family. Keep in touch with your customers too. If they feel that you’re genuinely concerned about how they feel about the quality of the item, it will undoubtedly yield positive results.