Cloud Telecom

As a business, moving your email and document storage to the cloud has a myriad of benefits. From lower costs, to streamlining your workflow, it’s a great option for any business. Additionally, it makes it easier to access your documents from anywhere, which is great if your employees occasionally work from home or if you remote employees.

But actually choosing a cloud solution can be difficult. We’ve come up with our top tips to help you decide which provider is best for you.

What do you need it for

You first need to decide exactly what you’re going to use your cloud storage for. Are you just going to be using it to store documents and images? Or how about your IT infrastructure? Once you’ve got an idea about what you want to use it for, you’ll be able to drill down and work out which cloud providers offer the services you require.

Check the pricing

As a general rule, you only want to be paying for what you use, and so really you only want to look at pay-as-you-go providers. Ones that require large upfront costs should be approached with caution. With pay-as-you-go, you can simply buy more space and additional features as you require, rather than paying for large amounts of space that you simply don’t need.

Check how secure the provider is

You want to make sure that your data is secure, isn’t going to get stolen, and isn’t going to get hacked. Check the security measures the provider has in place, such as firewalls and antivirus detection. If you’re in a certain industry, such as healthcare, you’ll want to make sure that they are compliant with your industry security requirements.

Customer support

You never know when you might need help, and checking in advance what type of support is offered can be a big weight off your shoulders. Knowing that your provider will be there when you need them is something to consider. You might be comfortable having limited support, or want something a bit more, so check it out before you sign up.