Technological advances help us in our daily lives. Whether it is a new cure to a disease or more efficient gas mileage, technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Bluetooth technology took its beginning in the early 2000s. The original creation of Bluetooth enabled their users to talk on the phone without their phone to their ear. They utilized a small earpiece that transmitted and received audio. This creation revolutionized the industry. Users could now talk on the phone, with their phones in their pocket. From there, the technology was integrated into many different platforms. Today, Bluetooth technology is seen in wireless speakers, headphones, cars and more. I am here to talk to you specifically about Bluetooth in vehicles. Only a few years after their initial launch, Bluetooth saw a great use for their technology in cars. They developed a system that connects your phone to your car wirelessly. This connection allowed you to talk on the phone and play music. Currently, most new cars utilize Bluetooth technology. There are many advantages to having Bluetooth technology in your vehicle.

One of the main benefits of Bluetooth technology is driver safety. The implementation of this technology into cars has allowed users to use their phones while staying safe. Texting and using your phone while driving is extremely dangerous and causes thousands of accidents per year. Bluetooth in cars lets people talk on the phone, play music and more from their cars’ stereo. When using Bluetooth you don’t have to pick up your phone to use it. This prevents many accidents and keeps drivers focused on the road. With Bluetooth you can continue to do the usual things you use your phone for, while driving much safer. The introduction of Bluetooth into cars completely changed the industry and has made the roads a much safer place.

In recent years, various states have implemented hands-free laws. These laws make it illegal to use a hand-held phone while driving a car. In these states, Bluetooth technology in your car is almost essential. Without it you can’t even pick up your phone to make a call while driving. Bluetooth technology enables you to play and switch music easily, talk on the phone even text, hands-free. These states created hands-free laws because they saw the level of danger and accidents that using your phone while driving causes. A perk of having Bluetooth in a hands-free state is that you can still use your phone while driving.

Not only does Bluetooth technology make driving your car much safer, but it helps make your life more convenient. Today, cars include Bluetooth technology in their stereo’s. This gives you all of the capabilities your phone has for music but from your car. You can change the song, put on a new artist, playlist or whatever you want without touching your phone. Bluetooth makes using your phone in the car much simpler and safer. This is another perk of having Bluetooth technology in your car. It is much more convenient to play your music while staying safe and focusing on your driving.

Bluetooth also makes it much easier to talk on the phone while driving. Instead of having to pick up your phone, scroll through your contacts, find the person and then call, Bluetooth puts all of this information on your stereo. Either with buttons on the steering wheel or on the middle console, you can use Bluetooth to perform these actions on your car. This perk of Bluetooth helps you stay focused on your driving.

If you are interested in buying a new car, I would recommend making sure the vehicle has Bluetooth capabilities. I have found that is a great site with tons of information about different cars’ features. If you are car shopping or looking to get Bluetooth installed in your current vehicle, let them help you find a solution. Installing Bluetooth in your car makes it a much safer place for you and your passengers. You can continue to use your phone as you would but while driving. I would especially recommend getting Bluetooth in your car if you live in a state with hands-free phone laws. These states make it impossible to use even the smallest features on your phone while driving. Bluetooth allows you to use your phone legally in these states. Overall, Bluetooth makes not only you a safer driver, but it makes it safer for everyone else on the road. Today, Bluetooth technology is becoming more common than not in new vehicles.