Think about this, where do you go if you experience a battery outage while driving your car? Every driver should check out if the batteries are low before or while driving a car. There will be so many problems with current batteries. These car batteries are vulnerable to weather, particularly cold weather. The environment may result in worse starting performance at low temperatures as well. The lower the temperature, the more the initiation performance required to initiate your car. Social problems are present too. The limited emergency service capacity can tell us the insurances are not always there to help us. The emergency calls due to battery problems will continue to go up. The coverage of emergency dispatch service for the registered vehicles sometimes cannot be applied to some areas. Crucial to notice that there will be no insurance services in other countries.

Power regeneration technology will revive your low battery by itself without the need of external energy sources

This technology may be the most useful technology because it does not require an external energy source to revive your low batteries. Amazing to know that it does not even require any other battery equipment. Revenant B will regenerate the dead battery by itself. Great to know that the AI-based active rehabilitation system is the technology that can optimize battery performance to prevent battery outages. The algorithm will be applied based on the battery conditions and the ambient temperature. The battery performance in case of sudden weather changes will not be as good as before. The Revenant B technology will help to maintain your car when it comes to improving the lifespan of the car by power control algorithms. This can increase lifespan by reducing unnecessary frequent battery use.

Smart Regenerative System by Revenant B

The vehicles that use internal combustion engines will apply the engine initiation system to get this smart regenerative start system working. For electric vehicles, the low voltage system can be applied. Smart regenerative batteries can be checked by the mobile app, receiving details about the battery. This will allow the drivers to efficiently control their batteries with active power control.

Save the world with eco-friendly Revenant B

Revenant B is able to be applied to a lot more industrial sectors than you can imagine. It can be used for almost all the other electric-powered vehicles that require a battery energy source. These wider applied sectors can increase the lifespan of your car and Revenant B which means it will help you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the CO2 generated.