You normally have the option of using your venue’s in-house AV equipment and set-up when you book your event. But this is not always the best options. It may seem like the easiest solution but it is unlikely to be the most economical, or the most successful. In fact, hiring an outside AV firm to provide AV set-up and equipment can save you time and money.

Here are the five factors that make this option stand ahead of the in-house solution.

  1. You Broaden Your Options

The venue may make it seem like your only option is to contract the AV equipment through them or their preferred suppliers. But this is not true. They are probably receiving commission when they refer, but that doesn’t mean you get a good deal. One of the most attractive aspects of hiring your own AV company like is you have options. You don’t have to settle.

  1. Get the Latest Technology

An outside AV company’s business is AV – and it is worth their while to constantly update their equipment and technology so they attract the best clients. The venue’s AV equipment may be fine, but it could be out-dated and they are unlikely to be able to offer you the latest technology or gadgets, should you need them.

  1. Expert Project Management

AV hire is not only about getting the equipment through the door on the day of your event. You also need to consider setting it up, managing, and maintaining the systems throughout the event. Get expert project management alongside high quality equipment when you hire an outside provider that is dedicated to bringing AV to events.

  1. More Choice for Your Budget

An in-house AV solution will give you some choice in terms of equipment and services for your budget but an outside agency will certainly provide more choice. This is particularly important if you have a small budget, and need to maximise your money, or you have specialist needs.

  1. No Surprises in Pricing

Getting your audio visual equipment from a specialist provider means you get all information about all costs up-front. There are no hidden costs and you can also save money since you benefit from flat-rate prices that are consistent for all clients. This will certainly help with your budgeting and signing off on final costs for the overall event.