SLEEPWAVE is a company specializes in digital sleep care technology that is dedicated to serve “neglected 8 hours of sleep” to enhance the modern lifestyle of many people having trouble maintaining healthy sleeping habit. SLEEPWAVE has been creating sleep tech related products with high accuracy, stability, and usability to build a sophisticated sleep aid device that scientifically improve your sleep quality. SLEEPWAVE just introduced a new sleep aid device called, “brid.zzz” which uses personalized sleep measurements based on EEG detection that automatically analyzes your sleep patterns and physical information to provide optimal solutions for sleep quality enhancement.

Real-Time Sleep Tracking

Brid.zzz will help you get a good night’s sleep with various technologies that initiate to provide a convenient and personalized sleep quality. Technologies include real-time sleep tracking which directly measures your brainwaves with the EEG sensor of the earbuds to analyze the accurate sleep stages you are in. The wearable device automatically detects and analyze the sleep stage then induces the required sleep stage depending on different situations.

Optimal Sleeping Pattern

Using big data and machine learning, Brid.zzz offers optimal sleeping pattern suited for each user with sophisticated and analyzed sleep stages histories. Using both physical factors and environmental factors, Brid.zzz is designed to adapt to the user’s sleeping behavior and changes. The wearable device also monitors users’ sleeping patterns and daily activities via the smartphone application to continuously provide its sleep inducing frequencies.

Perfect Environment for Quality Sleep

Brid.zzz uses sounds for optimal sleep inducement. It offers various selection of music from basic AMSR to 70 other functional sounds with proven efficiency like Solfeggio frequency and binaural beats. The device even lets you to add your own sleep-inducing tunes that makes you fall asleep. Ergonomic design also adds an extra comfort to ensure you feel comfortable and stay fixed in any sleeping position.

Interactive Sleep-Mate

With an advanced auto-tracking function like EEG sensor for detection and algorithms technology like adaptive stimulus algorithms, Brid.zzz is an effective and innovative sleeping aid device that will evolve and progress as you use the wearable device more and more. Brid.zzz is set to showcase at the CES tech event starting on Thursday in Las Vegas. Click the link to learn more about the news.