Digital marketing is something which every business should be looking to invest in, this modern marketing tactic is proven over and over again to be the key reason behind many successful businesses and the return on investment can be staggering.

The internet has completely changed the way in which we consume things and marketing experts like Joe Cianciotto have dedicated their careers to help business tap into this vast online market in order to create stronger brands and dramatically boos sales. If you are looking into creating a digital marketing strategy then here are some of the most successful methods that you should be looking in to.

Social Media Marketing

Every digital marketing strategy under the sun should feature a social media campaign within it as it is one of the best strategies to reach the hundreds and thousands of people who are online each and every day. The benefits of marketing with a social media channel such as Facebook for example is that you can specifically target the demographic who your products are aimed towards which gives you a far higher response rate than any kind of general marketing strategy. If you want to see real returns on your investment then ensure that your social media campaign is of a high quality and extremely creative. You can make use of resources like the Whitehat blog (which you can find over at to give you plenty of SEO information, as well as some useful pointers from the experts that could help your digital marketing efforts.

Promotional Marketing

The rise of coupon sties has been incredible in the last 5 years and you can tap into this success and help to drive more customers to your business. The way it works is that you partner up with a site such as Groupon and give them a promotional deal for one of your products, something impressive such as 50% off. Through the popularity of the website, these offers will be snapped up in no time at all and this drives many new customers to your company. Once the client has used the products and happy with them, they will come back for more business only this time at full price, and they will potentially tell a friend about them too. You may have lost a small amount of money or profit on that first product but the repeat custom will more than cover the costs of that and it will also help to grow the popularity of your brand.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is about being human with your existing and your new customers and creating a strong trust link between you and them. Through social media and email marketing you can easily do this and the idea is that you initially contact them without selling them anything, once you have cerated the trust, that is when you send your promotions over. There is so much competition right across the board in business that customers want to know that they can trust your business more than they can trust your competition, in order to win their trust, you should be actively engaging with them before you start to show them your wares.