Modern technology is way more than just faster and smarter laptops, cellphones which can manage your daily lives, clearer television pictures and virtual reality. Modern technology has swept across all aspects of our lives and this has happened as a result of high level research from the likes of the military and space missions, the byproducts of which have been seized upon and utilized to enhance our lives. As a result of this there are more and more very ordinary products which have been given a technology makeover to make them smarter, faster, better and more in tune with their users. Let’s take a look at some everyday items which have been given the tech treatment.


Watches have long been the subject of technology and even as far back as the 80s they were made into digital timepieces that could offer more than just telling the time. The current state of watches are markedly different from their predecessors and whilst analogue watches are still very much in fashion, technology has turned the digital variety into incredible machines. Watches are now used as miniature cellphones in examples like Apple’s iWatch and Samsung’s S series of watches, they have also been turned into fitness trackers in models like the FitBit and watches are now used for far more than simply letting us know what time of day it is.


Technology always seeks to strive to give us the things that we do not yet know that we need and one example would be the technology-armed grill. There are grills on the market which utilize technology to keep the chef updated with cooking times, when food needs turning as well as being able to access a database of recipes in order to teach those who are cooking, what to cook and how.

Contact Lenses

For those who need glasses but prefer not to use them, contact lenses are an excellent solution, they will provide the same quality of vision, without the hassle of wearing frames. Contact lenses have not been immune to technology however and there are currently lenses available which have online capability and recognition software. These incredible lenses can provide the wearer with information about lost all that they see around them providing knowledge, directions and being able to log memories with the blink of an eye.

Smart Beds

As bed manufacturers seek to find ways for us to get a better sleep they have turned to technology to do the work for them. Some years ago we saw the emergence of beds which could move using a remote control and now these beds and mattresses have gone one step further. The cutting edge bed technology will measure your sleep pattern and be able to adjust accordingly to ensure you have a great night of sleep, the beds can also detect stresses in the muscles and administer massages to ensure that you and your bed will be in perfect harmony with one another.