When new media giants like Facebook, Netflix, or even their up-and-coming competitors choose to expand and make a name for themselves internationally, they require the IT infrastructure put in place in those countries to make their services available. Having the ability to transmit locally ensures their international consumers are guaranteed a strong and uninterrupted signal. In order to set up these stations however, they are often required to import the technology. This need is not limited to new cloud-based service providers either; those with an established international presence still require updates to their equipment and replacements to be made as technology advances.

Cross-border transactions between businesses can unfortunately be complex, particularly if the technology being resold is not accompanied by the proper permits and paperwork that would enable clearance. A great amount of responsibility is put upon the value-added reseller, and if the company isn’t familiar with the receiving country’s regulations, or with what they should prepare, costly delays can occur. Even small mistakes or oversights can put the company’s reputation on the line with their high-priority clients.

Ensure Your Technology Reaches Its Destination In Record Time with proper shipping solutions

According to the experts at TecEx, a turnkey compliance and importer of record service company, the varying regulations in each country and the requirement for a local importer of record, make delivering IT goods securely and compliantly a complex task. Most countries will also require the Importer of Record (IoR) to apply for various permits for these types of dual-use and sensitive goods before accepting them across the border. Partnering with an Importer of Record provider, however, can benefit the reseller in a variety of ways as well. An Importer of Record is familiar with the laws of many different countries and will be able to prepare all the necessary documentation like import permits, certifications and a commercial invoice; saving you time. The right IoR company can help alleviate pain points along the supply chain in a number of helpful ways (outlined here: Tecex.com/tecex-importer-of-record/); in addition to holding a point of presence as an IoR in 136 countries, they can also help you recover import taxes from 40 of these — saving you money.

They also only charge you the landed-cost quote on your shipment regardless of any amendments a country makes to its legislature thereafter. Their online portal grants you access to an import tracker as well so you remain informed about which step of the process your delivery is in at any given time. Finally, they have an on-the-ground team at your service, ensuring the shipment not only clears through customs, but also reaches your clients in record time (approximately 3-7 days after customs pre-approval). If you don’t have a freight delivery service you regularly work with, or if it is unavailable in the specific country you’re delivering to, they can transport these goods for you, too.

When your IT equipment is providing high-profile clients with necessary tools enabling them to offer on-demand cloud-based services to their customers, it’s important for this equipment to arrive without interruption. Using an Importer of Record will see your delivery through from point A to B quickly and compliantly. Furthermore, putting your trust in an imports expert will safeguard your company against potential litigation should something go awry with your shipment, and save you the unnecessary stress of wondering whether your documents will be accepted.