The creation of the new technology that allowed live streaming completely changed the way in which most people use their broadband connection. There is now a huge range of media content available for users to enjoy, and the gaming market has particularly benefitted.

There was a time when video gaming was pretty much a solo activity. You’d sit in front of your PC or console, moving your mouse and clicking away as you tried to make sense of the game’s complexities. You interacted with the screen, and when playing a two-player game you and a friend would have a competitive interaction.

Things gradually changed and the development of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG) meant you could play online with what could be an unlimited number of players, each player taking on a particular character role.

The development of live streaming has provided a new way of interacting in the gaming world, and not just with video games but for many major sporting events as well. You might not think that people would want to watch other people playing video games, but you’d be wrong. It’s a huge sector of the gaming market where individuals live stream themselves playing their favorite games and interact through an app chat room so that followers can interact with the person streaming.

So, what do you need to get into streaming, both doing it and watching?

Tools of the trade

The simplest way to interact with live streaming is by using a PC and finding the appropriate programs or apps that allow you to source material about your particular interest.

As tablets and smartphones have become more powerful, they can also be used for live streaming, and many people who have ventured into the field have found that others like the camaraderie and personalities the streamers develop. You can stream from consoles although for some you will need a free app.

Depending on the quality of your devices you might need to upgrade to stream the highest-quality sound and vision.

Sports streaming

It’s a fact that millions and millions of people worldwide love to watch and follow sporting events and are willing to pay quite a lot for the pleasure. The most exciting way of watching a sport is of course to go to a stadium or a racetrack and see the action live and as close up as possible, and without the fans being present there would be no atmosphere, the players and participants would probably feel a little less motivated to go out and do their best, and the whole spectacle would be diminished. However, not everyone can attend an event, often because there is no room left, so live broadcasting is the next best thing. It can also enhance the experience with instant replays, knowledgeable commentary by experts and the chance for you to groan at the referee or umpire who failed to spot a particular piece of foul play.

Live streaming of games and events is still a tricky area because of the contracts that broadcasters have for the rights to games. Obviously, the job of the authorities that run the likes of professional basketball, hockey or football is to make money, and it is the raison d’être of the broadcasters. Naturally, they want you to buy a subscription to help them fund the expensive business of covering sports. If you have a subscription then in many cases you can pick up a live stream for your device that allows you to watch whenever a match is on wherever you happen to be.

A large number of sports fans like to have a bet on all aspects of games, being able to bet on live sports online can provide a huge range of options to play and study the odds. Fans can also learn the ins and outs of all the different kinds of bets they can make, and also keep a close eye on what’s happening to their team and the competitions they follow. It is easy to find live scores through streaming and to feel much more connected to the action than you might be otherwise. As the technology for live streaming continues to develop and organizations work out the best way to charge those who don’t want to subscribe to a broadcaster, it probably won’t be long before you can dip in and out of the specific content you want as you would for a specialist pay-per-view program.

Whatever happens, live streaming is here to stay both for sports, video gaming, and many other video events.