A commercial air conditioner is a big investment, but one that is vital for many companies. It’s important to keep your employees comfortable and happy, and working in a hot, stuffy environment is a surefire way to decrease their productivity.

If you’re looking to get a commercial air conditioner installed, check out our tips for installation and repair.

Hire a professional

When it comes to installing a commercial air conditioner, the best tip is to simply hire a professional. These are much bigger and more complicated than your air conditioner at home, and whilst you may think you’re excellent at DIY, there are some things you should just leave to a professional. This is going to be the best way to make sure it’s installed and working properly.

Check the filters

If you can, make sure to check the filters of your commercial air conditioner. Check to make sure that they’re not dirty or broken. You should be looking to change or clean your filters every 2 – 3 months. Doing this will help to make sure that the air conditioner is running at optimum efficiency and isn’t causing you unnecessary additional energy charges.

Keep the area free

If you have an outside component to your air conditioner, make regular checks to ensure that it’s free from debris. This is especially important during Autumn when the leaves begin to fall from the trees. Clear away any leaves and plants that could potentially block the airflow. You can also hose it slightly to keep it clear, and use a broom to gently remove any debris.

Get it regularly maintained

Whilst you can take regular precautions to help make sure that your commercial air conditioner is running as efficiently as it can be, there are no substitutions for making sure you get in a professional to help keep it maintained. Consider the help of a Charlottesville ac repair technician (or one in your area) and they will be able to review any problems that you would have been unable to fix and will keep it working perfectly. Doing this will help to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner.