As technology continues to advance, one industry seems to be raking in the rewards of these latest online advances. Playing the lottery online is not only easier, it is more rewarding today than ever. It doesn’t get any easier than choosing your lottery game, picking your lottery numbers, and verifying your e-mail address – three simple steps away from your chance to win the biggest cash jackpot from some of the most rewarding lottery games across the globe.

In the past, if you lived in a far-off region of the world, you might not have been able to access those lotteries that have life-changing jackpots. The lottery prizes in America are some of the largest, with Powerball prizes reaching an unimaginable $1.5 billion for a single jackpot in 2016, even one winner who took home to entire $758 million jackpot last year! Mega Millions combines the resources of multiple states, and three players from the states shared the $656 million jackpot. Those who don’t live in the states usually sit back and wish they could participate.

When the lottery top prize exceeds a few hundred million, even those who don’t gamble try their luck and catching lightning in a bottle. The trouble is, when the lottery reaches these incredible numbers, so too do the lines you have to stand in to secure your tickets. Some convenience stores in popular areas have wait times in the hours just to buy your chance at becoming the next record lottery winner. Luckily for players online, you can get lottery tickets from all over the world at LottoKings with the click of your mouse.

Rather than purchase the lottery tickets yourself, you could also have a service do all the grunt work for you. TheLotter is one of those services that will purchase the physical tickets on your behalf, offering customers all over the world the opportunity to purchase official lottery tickets online. The growing popularity of using a go-between service is that you can purchase lottery tickets for any lottery from anywhere that you reside in the world. Not only can you buy tickets for the big draw this week, you can subscribe to a multi-draw package, where the service continues to buy tickets for a predetermined time so you are guaranteed participation in a number of lottery draws.

Creating your own lottery syndicate is another option, but someone in the group needs to be able to purchase the physical lottery ticket. When you play the lottery with others, it decreases your costs and increases your chances of winning. The only real issue is keeping track of who is in the syndicate and who gets a share of the winnings if you are a lucky winner. Just remember, when the drawings reach record numbers, so do the lines at the local lottery ticket retail centers, so there is a chance that you could get shut out from even buying a ticket if the wait times are too long.

To that point, buying your lottery tickets online is less in the way of a hassle and you get to keep all the money if your lottery ticket is a winner. There will be no long lines at the convenience store, there will be no splitting of the money with others in your office, and you can even keep your identity private in the event you happen to hit the big lottery drawing this week.