Photo by CC user Paloma Gomez on Flickr.

Search engine optimization is basically vital for a website’s online visibility. Its main objective is always to help increase traffic by gaining more clicks in search engines. However, most people do not know anything about SEO and end up making huge mistakes. This is an industry that keeps changing so what you might think works might not be so effective. What is really important is to learn from other people’s mistakes. Whether you are now learning how to create a blog or you already have a site and you want to increase traffic, here are some mistakes that are fatal and that you should never make.

Always Using The Same SEO Strategy

A big and quite common SEO mistake that is made by most beginners is always using the exact same SEO strategy. Major search engines will want to see things that are unique and high quality. When you just use one strategy the results you get will never be as high as you expect or as high as possible.

Using Shortcuts

Beginners normally want to get as much traffic as possible in as little time as possible. The problem with that is that they end up using shortcuts like paid ads or backlink buying. That can easily hurt all your efforts and in many cases adverse results can appear. Be sure that you do not use shortcuts since in SEO a slow and steady approach will always give you the best results on the long run.

Not Focusing On Important Factors

The easy route will normally not get a good result. Simple SEO strategies will always offer limited results. Your keywords can get some good traffic but you will be limited when focused on something that is way too simple. It is always a good idea to learn as much as possible about search engine optimization and try to use some of the best possible modern strategies available.

Not Talking With An SEO Firm

Because of the fact there are so many articles online about search engine optimization we see so many that just believe they can do everything alone. While it is true that you can do very good SEO work alone, the advice you would receive from these professionals is really valuable. SEO is a combination of off-page and on-page techniques that work together in order to rank sites. You want to properly understand everything associated while being aware of what works and what does not work. Professional assistance is normally going to help you because of the experience the professionals have.


If you find yourself doing any of the mistakes above, be sure that you stop as soon as possible. The competition is most likely not going to make such a mistake. Also, as a final tip, while it is a good idea to start doing SEO work alone as you can save a lot of money, as time passes you will surely want to focus on the work that is done by a professional.