Do you at times stop to think how safe your family is under your roof?

Keeping your loved ones safe can at times seem like a 24/7 job.

Not only do you try to protect them from illness and injury, but you never know what is lurking in the neighborhood.

That said do you have technology going to work for you and your family?

Finding the Safest Environment for Your Loved Ones

In finding the safest environment, start if not already by looking at how technology can help.

For instance, do you feel safe with the neighbors you have around you?

Now, what if it turns out one or more of those neighbors have had serious run-ins with law enforcement over time? Would that lead you to have concerns for the safety of your family?

One way to dig a little deeper into those living around your home is by going online and doing a free people search.

With the person’s full name, that search may lead you to find out if your neighbor has serious convictions.

Those could include robbery or burglary, sexual assault, DUI, forgery, and even murder. With such knowledge, it can help you decide if it is best for you and your family to steer clear of such individuals.

You can also use technology to find out if your town is getting safer or if things are going the opposite way.

Many police departments will post info on their websites about recent crime statistics. By logging into their website, you may be able to have that information right at your fingertips. You can also try local news websites, as they may have published such details too.

In using the Internet for your family’s safety, you take one more step in protecting them.

Another way technology can protect you is installing video cameras and an alarm.

Although many homes already come with one or both, yours may not. If you are looking around for a new place to move to, you should inquire if the home has protection.

While some will stop at nothing to get in, others can be hesitant if the home has one or more layers of protection.

While you may hesitate to spend money, it could be the difference between life and death.

Use Some Commonsense Along the Way

As much help as technology can provide you, you also want to use commonsense to protect your family.

This means the following:

· Not giving out info online like a home address, where you work, where your children go to school etc.

· Not leaving doors and windows unlocked. Even if you live in a small town, crime happens everywhere.

· Not letting newspapers and mail pile up while you are out of town. The same goes for not having someone take care of your lawn or snow shoveling while you are away.

In doing all you can to protect you and your loved ones, let technology and commonsense make a great one-two team.