Within logistics there is certain tech used to make lives easier, and GPS fleet tracking is one of the most widely used. This technology has provided a wealth of solutions to those within the logistics sector and there are so many benefits which these trackers are able to provide. Today we are going to take a look into exactly how they work, what benefits this technology offers and why any logistics company should be implementing this technology within its fleet.

How GPS Works

GPS is actually very simple technology which has been around for decades, and which was invented for military purposes. Thanks to satellites which are orbiting the Earth, radio waves can be sent to them, triangulated and then sent back to the device on Earth, which can give exact locations. We can use this technology for more than just location work however. We can predict how long a delivery may take, we can see how quickly a vehicle is moving, how quickly it stops and when it is inactive. All of this technology makes managing staff within logistics far easier than ever before.

Benefits of Logistics GPS Tracking Use

The most important benefit which this kind of technology offers is security, increasing the safety of both the driver and the vehicle. We can see when drivers have been inactive, which could be down to mechanical failure or injury; we can spot lost drivers; we can manage idle time and we can also find stolen vehicles with great speed.

Further benefits include the cost savings which the tech is able to pass on to those who use it. For example fuel usage can be reduced thanks to smarter route planning, productivity can be increased thanks to the same benefit. Additionally companies are able to save money on their insurance premiums if they use this technology. One clear function which this tech has for logistics companies is that they can better manage their vehicles and their drivers. Smart software helps management to identify how well a vehicle is being managed, and better coach their driver’s behaviors on the road. Finally vehicle maintenance is made so much easier, because we can monitor the use of the vehicle and pre-empt maintenance, to increase the longevity of the vehicle.

Reasons to Use The Tech

Beyond these clear benefits which fleet tracking can offer, companies should implement this because it is low cost and very easy to use. There is little training that is required for the use of this software and there are so many third party services which will help logistic companies get set up. Given the range of benefits versus this low cost, there really is no reason for any company within this sector not to count on GPS tracking services.

The software is advancing in some regards with the addition of in-vehicle cameras, but the beauty of GPS tracking software is that not much will change in the coming years, which means that upgrades and the like will not be needed.