While your smartphone is handy for all kinds of different purposes, it’s the apps you choose to download that usually end up being the most used features on your phone. Over the past few years, the number of people who download apps has steadily been climbing. In 2017 alone, there were 178 billion app downloads. By the year 2022, it is projected to be around 258 billion. When you break down the numbers, it’s a whopping 45% increase in just a five-year timespan.

Of course, in such a crowded sea of apps, there are some that manage to stand out. Weather apps are some of the most useful ones out there, and offer what seems like an endless list of choices. So which ones stand out? Here’s a look at the top weather apps for Android.


Arguably one of the most popular weather apps out there is KestrelMet. This one has been created with the user in mind, providing a smooth experience. Not only is it easy to use, it’s absolutely loaded with features. In fact, there are probably many more features than the average person will ever need. The app provides both current conditions, minute-by-minute predictions, and of course longer-range forecasts. Use it for both local and international weather details, making it ideal when you travel.

Weather API

The free Weather API app, found at weatherapi.com, is another one worth checking out, as this one was designed for developers by developers, so it takes a really different spin on things. Some of the app’s highlights include real-time weather, past and future weather, global weather, astronomy, time zone, and geolocation just to name a few. This one is scalable in that you can use it for things such as a startup website, your own mobile apps, upcoming events, and so forth. It is able to scale to meet your demand.

Weather Live

If you find that the standard weather apps offer too much of what you don’t want, then Weather Live could be a better option for you. This is a customizable experience in that you decide which information you want on your main page. And it’s more than just customizable layouts; there are also built-in widgets to choose from. This one is about giving you the control when it comes to weather information.

Yahoo Weather

Then there is Yahoo Weather, which has its own unique draw in that it uses background images from Flickr that will match up with the various cities/towns that you are searching weather data on. Many users love this added feature and feel it makes the experience more unique, and of course eye-catching. This one is perfect for those who also want to be able to keep track of multiple locations in a user-friendly manner.

No Shortage of Weather Apps

One thing is for clear, and that is the fact there is no shortage of weather apps. It’s all about finding that one perfect option for your specific needs.