These days, distinguishing your business from others online is almost as important as doing so offline. This is because present day consumers are often searching for your business on Google before even stepping foot in the door, even if it’s simply to confirm your opening and closing hours. First impressions make a big difference to prospective customers, an inviting website will conjure an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in their mind’s eye. The design of the website further lets them in on a bit of what your personal flare as a business is, it’s the first step in a potential courtship. If they enjoy their experience with your online profile and presence, they’re more likely to visit your establishment, try out your product, or order your service.

There are two things that even small startup businesses should not neglect, and that is a strong, relevant domain name, and a professional-looking website. When you buy a new domain name, it makes your business unique, as no one else can have the same domain name as you so long as it’s registered — and it makes you look clean cut and relevant. Simply having your own domain also gives you higher authority on search engines, so when customers search for you online, or for your keywords, you’re more likely to appear on the first page of their results. It also makes your business look credible, it shows that if you’re willing to invest in your online persona, you’re serious about the work you do.

It’s understandable however that as a small enterprise, finances and cash flow are inescapable aspects of business and they often govern the decision-making. Therefore, when choosing a web host for your website, ensure you receive the most comprehensive package available for the lowest cost. HostPapa for example is one leading Canadian webhost who has experience working with startups, and their prices are accommodating. Domains start from just $1.19, and you can choose from classic domain endings, such as .com and .net, or explore new domain endings, like .club and .guru. Pick the one that best represents your brand and helps you to stand out.

As far as the design for your website goes, this web host provides novices with an easy to use, drag-and-drop website builder, allowing them to choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates. No technical or design skills required so even those new to hosting can still benefit from having a smart and professional looking presence. The starter pack which includes three pages, 120 designer templates and HTML editing is now included free with all shared hosting plans. Moreover, if you ever encounter an issue with your website, this company has around the clock, award winning support staff and a customer care centre where you can browse for helpful resources. Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reap the benefits of having an exceptional online presence. Register your domain name, build your website, and watch your business gain traction.