Many people say that iOS devices clearly have better performance and security, but they’re missing some of the advantages that Android gamers have. Being able to choose your own device and performance levels frees up gamers in terms of budget, plus there are some extra features that allow Android devices to far surpass most iOS devices in terms of power. Here are three advantages that only Android gamers can experience.

Multiple Devices

This is especially true with Pokémon Go, but many gamers have been doing this. Using several devices at once opens up a lot of new benefits and possibilities for gamers. It allows you to collect twice as much experience, gold and rewards. In some games, like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, it also allows you to make a partnership with yourself to better defend or attack kingdoms.

While it’s true that iOS users can exploit this as well, Android users have a much easier time due to pricing. Every iOS device is expensive, but Android users can buy two or even three mid-tier devices for the price of one iOS device.

Choose Performance

There are about a dozen different iPhone models out there from start to finish. That covers the very first iPhone to the most modern one. On the other hand, Android users have thousands of models to choose from. There are some pros and cons to this, but the biggest advantage is that it allows users to choose their level of performance while working within their budget.

Another performance benefit that only Android users experience is hidden deep within the developer options. Just activate the developer options and then turn on “Force 4X MSAA” options. This will turn your game up to its highest performance level, giving you the best speeds possible on your device.

Just be warned that this will consume significantly more battery power than usual. Turn the option off when you’re done playing so that your battery consumption goes back to normal.

Easily Change Permissions

Many mobile games require various types of permissions from you. In general, most gamers will just blindly approve all of the permissions so that they can quickly get on with gaming. It’s much smarter to slow down and see what information you are allowing games to access. Aside from reading the pop-up windows, you should also read the game’s privacy policy.

Good games, like Final Fantasy XV, will clearly tell you what information they are gathering. You can read their privacy policy here: If a game isn’t clear about what it’s accessing, then that can be a problem.

In either case, Android makes it much easier for gamers to change permissions, even after they have downloaded the app. You can do this by accessing system settings. You should then select “Apps and Notifications” and then “Permissions.” From there you can switch the permissions to your preferences.

Be aware that changing the permissions may change how the game functions. For example, if you don’t allow a photo app to access your camera, or an AR game to access your GPS, then some essential features may stop working. You can always change the permissions back, so there’s no harm in changing them.


Android devices give users a few advantages over iOS devices. You can easily use multiple devices for interesting benefits, easily change permissions to suit your preferences and even choose or upgrade performance in moments. While Apple definitely has more consistency, Android has some great benefits that gamers are sure to love.